Google Weather for Android Undergoes Material You Redesign

Google’s Weather application for Android is undergoing a significant transformation. The app, which received a Google Material Theme redesign in 2021, is now being updated with Material You elements, enhancing the user experience for Pixel phone users.

A Fresh Look

The new design, as revealed by a tweet from a Google employee, seems to be more streamlined and user-friendly. The main feed begins with a pill-shaped search bar, indicating the location being displayed. This bar, gray in the provided screenshot, is expected to have full support for the system’s dark theme.

Directly below the search bar, users can view the current temperature, weather condition, and the day’s high and low temperatures. This information is superimposed on an illustration of Froggy, Google Weather’s mascot. However, some users have noted that the illustration lacks detail.

Features and Functionality

  • A scrollable hourly forecast follows the current weather details.
  • Users can then access a 10-day forecast, displaying the high and low temperatures for each day.
  • It’s anticipated that users can tap on each day for more detailed statistics, such as wind speed and sunrise/sunset times.
  • The redesign bears a resemblance to the Wear OS weather app, which is known for its organized layout.

The shift to a single feed layout is seen as a positive move by many, making the app more intuitive and easy to navigate. There’s hope that this redesign will also cater to larger screen experiences.

In Development

While the new design is a welcome change, it’s evident that it might still be in the development phase. The presence of the status bar in the screenshots suggests that Google is still testing the app internally. However, the fact that Google employees are already using it (known as “dogfooding”) is a promising sign.


  • Google Weather’s redesign aims to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.
  • The new design incorporates Material You elements, offering a fresh look to Pixel phone users.
  • Features like the scrollable hourly forecast and 10-day forecast enhance functionality.
  • The app’s redesign is still in the development phase, but its use by Google employees suggests it’s on the right track.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of Android apps!