Google Rolls Out Lookup Feature for Unidentified Callers on Pixel Phones Google Rolls Out Lookup Feature for Unidentified Callers on Pixel Phones

Google Rolls Out Lookup Feature for Unidentified Callers on Pixel Phones

Google’s Pixel Phone app introduces the “Lookup” feature, enabling users to easily identify unknown callers by searching numbers directly within the app.

In a move that enhances user experience and safety, Google is set to introduce a “Lookup” button within its Phone app for Pixel devices, providing users with a quick way to search the web for unknown numbers directly from their call history. This feature, which first appeared in the beta version 127.0.620688474 of the Google Phone app, symbolizes Google’s ongoing commitment to call safety and user convenience by leveraging its search engine capabilities to make unknown caller identification simpler and more integrated within the Pixel ecosystem.

When a Pixel user receives a call from an unsaved number, they can tap on this number in their recent calls list to reveal the “Lookup” button. Activating this function will then automatically launch the user’s default web browser, entering the unknown number into the Google Search bar. This process aims to facilitate the identification of callers, particularly for business numbers, without necessitating the user to manually search for the number themselves. Although it might initially seem like Google is building a caller ID feature similar to apps like Truecaller, the “Lookup” feature instead focuses on web searches, making it more suitable for identifying businesses rather than individuals.

Despite the similarities in purpose, “Lookup” is not intended to replace existing caller ID services like Truecaller. Instead, it complements them by providing an additional layer of information discovery for unknown calls. This approach underscores Google’s dedication to enhancing call safety features, building on previous efforts such as Google Assistant’s Call Screen and Hold For Me functions​.

This feature has been live in Japan as part of the March feature drop and is anticipated to be rolled out globally soon. Despite being in its early stages, the potential for a more integrated caller ID feature is evident, highlighting Google’s ambition to further enhance the Pixel’s calling and safety features. As of now, the “Lookup” function represents a significant step towards streamlining the process of dealing with unknown callers by integrating Google’s vast web search capabilities directly into the Phone app.

The addition of the “Lookup” feature to the Google Phone app is a part of Google’s broader efforts to enhance its communication suite, which includes Google Messages, Contacts, and the Dialer app. Over the years, these apps have seen significant improvements and feature additions, aiming to provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly communication experience for Pixel users.

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