Google announced on the 8th of March that the the number of women using ‘Google’s search’ outnumbers the men in the country. Published on Women’s Day, the figures showed most significant growth among middle-aged women (34-55 years) using Google search over men of the same age, by 123%. This Year-on-Year growth is measured in ‘minutes-per-day’ spent on Google’s services.

Further, information from Google also suggests that upper middle-aged women (above 55 years) spent more time on Google search services that younger women (15-24 years) and working women (24-35 years).

Compared with men (15-24 years) women in the same age group showed growth in time- spent per day on Google search at a rate of 110% as compared to the 104% among the men. The same is true in the age group of 25-34 years where the number of women using Google search has grown by 108% among women as compared with 98% among men.

Apart from the time measured using ‘Google’s search’ services, further analysis tells us that apart from women’s interests in beauty and fashion being 4x and 3x higher than men, they also spend 3x more time than men looking up information on food and entertainment and 2x more time searching for information on health and fitness.

Although the figures of women employing the use of the internet are seen increasing, a report by the IAMAI and IMRB tell us that women only constitute to 29% of the internet user base in the country of which on 12% are represented from rural India. Despite the gender disparity, India ranks 3rd in the number of active internet users around the World.