Google Play Movies & TV: Curtains Close in January, But Content Lives On

google play movies tv

Google Play Movies & TV, the once-dominant platform for movie and TV show purchases and rentals, is officially shutting down its Android TV app on January 17th, 2024. The app has been non-functional for most users since October 2023, marking the beginning of its gradual demise. However, users can still access their purchased content through other platforms.

Key Highlights:

  • Google Play Movies & TV app on Android TV officially disappears January 17th, 2024.
  • App already non-functional for most users since October 2023.
  • Purchased content still accessible on Android TV, Google TV, YouTube, and mobile apps.
  • Google TV replaces Play Movies & TV as the primary platform for movie and TV show purchases and rentals.

google play movies tv

This move comes as part of Google’s broader strategy to consolidate its video streaming offerings under the Google TV brand. Launched in 2020, Google TV has been steadily replacing Play Movies & TV in various areas, including mobile apps and the Play website. By shutting down the Android TV app, Google aims to simplify the user experience and eliminate redundancy.

Despite the app’s closure, users can still access their purchased movies and TV shows through other platforms:

  • Android TV: The “Shop” tab within the Google TV app now displays users’ existing libraries.
  • Google TV devices: Users can access their content through the Google TV app.
  • YouTube: The YouTube app now allows viewing purchased content in select countries.
  • Mobile apps: The Google TV app for Android and iOS allows access to users’ libraries.

While purchasing and renting new content remains possible on YouTube in specific countries, the feature is currently not available globally. Google has yet to clarify its plans for future movie and TV show purchases outside these regions.

The closure of Play Movies & TV marks the end of an era for a platform that once dominated the digital movie landscape. While its disappearance may cause some inconvenience, the transition to Google TV ultimately aims to streamline the user experience and offer a more centralized platform for accessing video content.

With the closure of the Play Movies & TV Android TV app, Google TV becomes the sole platform for managing film and television libraries. Users can still access their purchased content through various platforms, including the Google TV app, YouTube, and mobile apps. While the ability to purchase new content on YouTube remains limited geographically, it provides a glimpse into Google’s future plans for unified video content management.

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