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Delhi Police releases One Touch Away app to reduce public inconvenience

New Delhi: Delhi Police Chief, B.S. Bassi has introduced a test version of a mobile app, Delhi Police One Touch Away that is designed to reduce public inconvenience and unhappiness with police functioning. The new mobile app will help the public to register complaints, obtain traffic updates and fetch contact details of local SHOs.

As per police officials, the app will bring each of the other apps created so far under a single system. Instead of switching to various other apps such as Himmat, Lost Report, Traffic App, and miscellaneous services, the new app has a facility by which users can access all the above-mentioned services within the app itself. The users can also obtain data regarding the areas’ ACP, DCP and SHO via Delhi Police One Touch Away app.

The app also features an SOS facility via which the user can dispatch pictures of traffic violations, crimes, and others to the Delhi Police.

As per B.S. Bassi – Delhi Police commissioner, the Delhi Police One Touch Away app is tailored to enable the operation of the other apps simple for the public.

It also features helpline numbers that have been created utilizing simple icons to make sure that users can conveniently distinguish the actions they want to undertake. Currently, the app’s trial version is available for download at Google Play Store.

Bassi also said that their endeavour was to find areas where certain processes can aid in decreasing public inconvenience and the resultant dissatisfaction with the functioning of the police. One such public concern is how to reach the police in various scenarios.

As per a police statement, the easy to use mobile app goes beyond supplying contact information of police officers handling the public. It also has the facility to distribute information such as audio, video, photographs and documents to different predefined police groups.

Leveraging this app, details such as wanted criminals and terrorists, missing individuals safety tips, traffic alerts and police advisories can be obtained via a single touch.

A senior police official commented that the concept driving the Delhi Police One Touch Away app was to create a single platform for the facility of the public.