Google Photos Launches Free AI Photo Editing Tools for All Users

In a significant update, Google has announced that it is making its advanced AI photo editing tools available for free to all Google Photos users. Previously, many of these features were restricted to Pixel phone owners or Google One subscribers. Starting May 15, 2024, everyone using Google Photos can access these powerful tools, bringing professional-level photo editing capabilities to a wider audience without any subscription fees.

AI Editing Tools Available to All

The AI tools now accessible for free include:

  1. Magic Eraser: This tool can remove unwanted objects or people from photos, such as photobombers or trash cans. It also features a camouflage mode to blend objects into the background.
  2. Photo Unblur: Enhances the clarity of blurry images.
  3. Portrait Light: Adds or adjusts lighting in portrait shots to balance and enhance the subject’s appearance.
  4. Magic Editor: A more advanced tool that allows for large-scale edits, such as repositioning subjects, resizing objects, and changing backgrounds. This tool leverages generative AI for sophisticated photo manipulations.

Additionally, other features like HDR effects for photos and videos, Portrait Blur, Color Pop, Sky Suggestions, and various video effects will also be available.

Device Compatibility and Usage Limits

These features will be rolled out across various devices. Users with Android 8.0+ and iOS 15+ devices with at least 3GB of RAM will be able to use these tools. Chromebook Plus users with ChromeOS 118+ will also have access.

While most tools are available without limitations, the Magic Editor comes with a cap of ten saves per month for non-subscribers. Unlimited saves are available to Pixel device owners and Google One subscribers with 2TB or higher plans.

Broader Impact and Accessibility

This move democratizes photo editing, making it accessible to more users regardless of their device or subscription status. Google’s initiative reflects its commitment to leveraging AI to enhance user experiences across its services. By removing the paywall, Google aims to empower all users with the ability to create and share polished, professional-looking photos effortlessly.

The update is expected to roll out gradually, starting from May 15, and will extend over several weeks to ensure smooth implementation across all supported devices.

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