Google launches Chromebox a Business Meeting solution at Rs 90,000

Google has released Chromebox a business meeting solution in India. Chromebox is targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises and the complete package comes at Rs 90,000 with one-year maintenance built-in. Chromebox has been manufactured by PC maker Asus for Google.

Chromebox is built up on the Chrome OS of Google and uses Google Apps to connect.

Once connected with Google Apps an administrator can integrate the Chromebox with Google Calendar to schedule meetings or rooms.

The Calls are connected over Google Hangout and the screen of a user can also be shared.

Google Apps also allows collaboration over Google Docs while using the Chromebox.

Chromebox is a complete video conferencing solution which can enable conferencing of up to 15 participants at a time.

Chromebox is powered by 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor. It has HDMI port and Display port to hook up to any screen.

The box has Ethernet connectivity and can connect wirelessly over dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n.Google Chromebox

Chromebox has a Full HD camera with a resolution is 1080p. The camera is a smart camera which automatically adjusts the resolution of image based on the available bandwidth.

The camera has an auto-focus lens which can automatically focus on the speaker. It also supports low-light correction to deliver high image quality in forms of available light.

Chromebox also comes with its own remote which has a full QWERTY keyboard on its back. The remote is wireless and is based on RF so no clear sight is required to operate it.

Chromebox also comes with its own Microphone/Speakers built in as one unit. The Speaker has built-in Digital Signal Processing to provide enhance speech clarity.

The Microphone is Omni-directional and can pick voice signal from around the room without speaking directly in microphone.

Google has released a video helping users how to set up a Chromebox

Google has listed the product on its India website. Chromebox is currently used by a number of customers and Google has provided testimony from some of its customers such as Gilt, Eventbrite, ODesk and Woolworths Limited who are already using Chromebox.

Chromebox is Google’s effort to provide a complete Video Collaboration environment to the users.

Unlike a standalone video conferencing equipment, the integration of Google Apps with Chromebox can make it appeal more to Business users. Google is quite bullish about Indian markets in recent times and it has also released its affordable Chromebooks in India.