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Google introduces Project Owl Feedback Mechanism and Ranking Feature to tackle Fake News

Google has announced “Project Owl” to reduce the amount of fake content from its search engine through use of new features like feedback mechanism and rankings. The newly designed features will enable Google to search for web content which is of high quality. This will enable the tech giant to stem out the fake news content that roams in the search engine.

The company has for many years experienced quality issues with the content in their search engines. According to Google, there are more than tens of thousands pages that get online each minute every day. The fake web content users have found several ways to manipulate the system with more than 0.25% content being offensive and misleading.

While the company was hesitant to reveal the real figures on the fake content in their search engines, some unknown experts revealed that the Google web users could be spotting more than 7.5 million ambiguous and fake search results on a single day.

As a result, Google has resolved to give the users a chance to report any bad and misleading information in the new feature box called ‘Featured Snippets’ located on the top of the Google searches. Users will also have the opportunity to give their own opinions and suggestions about the web content that is hateful, inaccurate, or violent to the public.

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Google has also twisted its search algorithms to make sure that the low-quality web content appears among the last pages of the search results, thus minimizing their reach. The company which has recently received much criticism from the public for giving huge false content has now revised its evaluation methods to prioritize more authoritative and high-quality content.

The company has invented new tools and methods to help the web users to access relevant and informative content from only the reliable and dependable sources available online. By giving a chance for feedback mechanisms, Google will continuously improve their search algorithms in an effort to remain the most useful and highly regarded search engine in the world.