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Google Assistant Shrinks: 17 Features Removed, Leaving Users with Fewer Options

Google Assistant, the ubiquitous voice assistant found in smartphones, smart speakers, and other devices, has undergone a major feature reduction. As of [date], 17 functionalities have been removed from the Assistant, leaving users with a more limited set of options.

Key Highlights:

  • Google Assistant recently removed 17 features, including audiobook playback, media alarms, cookbooks, stopwatch, and device calling.
  • The move aims to streamline the Assistant and focus on core functionalities.
  • Users express disappointment and concern about losing favorite features.
  • Google remains silent on the specific reasons behind the removals.

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This news comes as a surprise to many users who rely on the Assistant for various tasks, from playing music and setting alarms to managing cookbooks and sending messages. Among the removed features are:

  • Audiobooks: Users can no longer play audiobooks directly through the Assistant, requiring them to switch to dedicated audiobook apps.
  • Media alarms: Setting alarms to fade in or out music is no longer possible.
  • Cookbooks: The Assistant’s cookbook functionality, which allowed users to browse recipes and control smart kitchen appliances, has been discontinued.
  • Stopwatch: The basic stopwatch function has been removed.
  • Device calling and broadcasting: Calling other devices or broadcasting messages through the Assistant is no longer available.
  • Email and messaging: Sending emails or messages through voice commands is no longer possible.
  • Google Calendar rescheduling: Rescheduling events in Google Calendar via voice commands is no longer supported.
  • App Launcher in driving mode: Launching apps through voice commands while driving is no longer possible.

The removal of these features has sparked disappointment and frustration among users, who took to social media and forums to express their concerns. Many users voiced their reliance on specific features, like the audiobook playback or cookbook functionality, and questioned the rationale behind their removal.

Google, however, has remained largely silent on the specific reasons for removing these features. The company released a brief statement acknowledging the changes but did not provide any details on the decision-making process. Some speculate that the move might be aimed at streamlining the Assistant and focusing on core functionalities like search, smart home control, and basic information retrieval. Others believe that the removals could be related to privacy concerns or low usage of certain features.

The future of Google Assistant remains uncertain. While the removal of these features might be part of a larger strategy to improve the Assistant’s overall performance and user experience, it also raises concerns about the potential loss of valuable functionalities in the future. Only time will tell whether Google can regain user trust and offer a more compelling Assistant experience despite the recent feature reductions.