Google Allo gets WhatsApp-like web client with 9.0 update

Google just rolled out an update for its chat app Allo (9.0). Along with the bug fixes it has also introduced a desktop client. It may sport similarities to WhatsApp web.

The web client is supposed to work by scanning a QR code or sending a text message to the verified number. It is just like WhatsApp web. The limitations include the phone having to be in vicinity of the web device and with data connection. It is safe to say that a standalone capability has not been included, yet.

A commercial launch has not been announced, yet, but it seems to be imminent. One of the major updates is the ability to backup Allo chats and other media content on Google Drive and an external storage.

The second major update is the ‘quick selfie’ feature. It allows the user to send a quick selfie in the middle of a conversation. Incognito chats are still limited to individuals, but we are hoping to get introduced to group incognito chats as well.

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