Go professional with Audio-Technica this International Podcast Day

Podcasting is the new media on the block, taking over the industry.

The podcast has become a choice of media for entertainment, news, education and more.

Podcast audiences have increased exponentially in the last two years and continue to rise – reason enough to celebrate International Podcast Day on September 30th.

Other than the talent & content of the podcaster, one element that determines the quality of a podcast is the microphone – it can be the decider – of a clear and enjoyable podcast or one that you tune off after 2 secs of listening.

Finding the microphone that adapts to your style and delivers faithfully is a challenge, more so as the market has suddenly flooded with options.

Audio-Technica, understanding the challenge and the market need, came up with the perfect answer. Adapting its tried and tested and hugely popular broadcast microphone BP40 to a podcast microphone, Audio-Technica introduced the AT2040 for podcasters.

The AT2040 hyper-cardioid dynamic podcast microphone delivers on its promise of elevating the listener’s experience.

AT2040 brings professional broadcast-quality sound with exceptional vocal reproduction to podcasters and other content creators at an affordable price.

Featuring a stylish yet rugged all-metal construction, the AT2040 excels at isolated/up-close vocal reproduction and rejection of unwanted room noise due to its tight hyper-cardioid polar pattern, ensuring professional-quality podcasts.

The AT2040 provides a smooth, warm, natural sound. The specially-designed integrated shock mount prevents unwanted noise by attenuating vibration from a boom arm or mic stand. At the same time, the mic’s multistage windscreen combined with a non-woven filter with foam mesh provides superior internal pop filtering.

AT2040 uses a professional-grade XLR output for versatility. Available on Amazon at Rs. 8,999.