Scientists say major cause of climate change, global warming began in 1940s

A group of scientists claim that global warming started to take place as early as the 1940s. The study claims that the effects of global warming were visible in the 1940s in parts of Africa, South East Asia and Australia.

Global warming is said to be the leading cause of climatic change. Scientists have continued to express concern over greenhouse gases and their effect on global warming.

Andrew King from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science stated that the research team studied the temperature patterns and their changes to gain a better understanding of global warming.

According to scientific research, the tropics were the first regions to face the extreme temperature changes, mainly because they had a narrower range of temperatures.

As a result, the smaller temperature shifts could be easily detected. Scientists also suggest that these areas where the first signs appeared might be subject to extreme rainfall events sometime in the future.

The first indicator of global warming in the tropics was mild deviations in the average temperatures and extreme changes later. The impact of climate change started to affect the North Pole and the South Pole regions from the 1980s.

However, some regions are yet to experience global warming signals. A good example of such regions is the wider part of Continental USA, especially on the Eastern coast and a few of the central states. Scientists expect these regions to start experiencing global warming signals, especially in the next ten years.

The research indicates the current effects of global warming in most parts of the world and suggests that the effect will most likely be more intense in the future.

Research also suggests that the first heavy precipitation events with clear global warming signals will occur in winter in Canada, Russia and Northern Europe in the next few decades.

The study was published in Environmental Research Letters.

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