Full Thunder Moon Images Revealed In Cullman

The largely clear skies that prevailed on the night of July 8 gave a rare opportunity for people of the Cullman County to capture the spectacular images of the Thunder Moon. Around 11 pm, the Thunder Moon became100% full, with an altitude of 34 degrees above the sphere.

The full Thunder is expected to show on Monday night through constellation Sagittarius. For those who got the chance to take the photos of the event noted that the Thunder moon was very bright and fascinating.

On Friday, NASA shared on Twitter an image of the full moon calling it Guru Purnima, an event that is usually celebrated annually on the full moon day of the month of Ashadh. The occasion is known as the birth of Veda Vyasa and the day is especially observed by teachers who pay respect and express their gratitude to the occurrence.

NASA did not just call the Thunder Moon, Guru Purnima but went ahead to tweet other related names from various traditions across the world including their meanings. The full moon is called the Thunder Moon simply because there is a frequency of thunderstorms around this time of the year.

Some of its other names include the Hay Moon, which comes from the harvesting season when farmers are harvesting bale hay in several parts across the world; the Ripe Corn Moon, representing the month when the Native Americans normally harvest their ripe corn.

It’s also called the Full Buck Moon signifying the time when the male deer develops the antlers among the community of the Native Americans. In addition, the Thunder Moon is also termed the Mead Moon suggesting the occasion when big beehives are created and the fermented honey is used to make special wine known as the Mead.

The full moon generally appears in July during the time when the Earth is in the center of the Sun and the Moon, which allows its full radiance. The full moon is expected to end at 12:07 tonight. In Miami, the full moon will culminate at an altitude of about 48 degrees above the horizon which make it the best place to view the space event.

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