To stay ahead in the competition, Freecharge has introduced a feature that will allow all Android users to send, receive or request money through WhatsApp. To have this feature, users just have to update their FreeCharge app.

Freecharge came out with an innovative idea to counter Paytm feature ‘Wallet,’ which became an instant hit in the market. Wallet also performs the same functions but unlike Freecharge, it is not integrated into WhatsApp.

Freecharge announced this new innovative idea on its blog. Along with the new feature, the company blog also gave out detailed instructions to its users on how to install this new feature on their phone.

The guidelines are very simple, the essential thing that the user needs to do is go to the Freecharge menu on the Android app and then click on ‘Freecharge on WhatsApp’. After that click enables for the feature ‘Chat n Pay’ to come in your Settings. Once the feature ‘Chat n Pay’ is updated on the phone, any android user can send money to their friends or family by typing the amount and adding FC at the end of the money. The money is then credited to the other person’s account at the earliest.

The app ‘Chat n Pay’ is only limited to the user who has Freecharge account and the feature can be installed only on the Android phone as of now. Other than this, it also has reward based coupon system.

Other than that the company has also made itself clear as to its feature ‘Chat n Pay’ not affiliated to WhatsApp. Freecharge has taken the WhatsApp medium to allow users transfer amount from any nook and corner of the world.