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Free Educational Apps for Students to Use in 2019

Many students are grateful to science and modern technology for the invention of smartphones. Sometimes, that is a perfect way for them to disengage with boring lecture content.

There are a lot of students who find using various devices during classes beneficial. In so doing, they can complete several levels of Candy Crush, check out Facebook feed, “like” their friends’ new posts on Instagram, and watch Youtube videos that are more interesting than their professor’s lecture.

But, education is not only about dreaming of various activities and events you would like to participate in instead of studying.

Being a student, you should improve your knowledge and skills, learn something new, explore new opportunities, etc. And, the most important thing we would like to highlight in this article is that all the above aspects can be easily accomplished by using your smartphone and various educational apps for high school students. Your smartphone is a great helper that can ease your academic worries and make the entire studying process more enjoyable!

Top 5 Apps for Education

There are quite a few educational apps out there,  and everyone can find one to their liking. You may find different uses for these applications, including :

  • Improving particular skills
  • Gaining specific knowledge
  • Boosting your brain activity
  • Training your memory
  • Organizing your studying, etc.

All that and even more is possible with the below 5 applications!

1. Quizlet

Quizlet is a flashcard app that lets you test yourself in various ways. As you will see, flashcards are useful not only for children! Here, you can not only create your own cards (for example, for remembering information required for a particular class) but also download various sets prepared by other users.

All these sets can be divided into classes or folders. Quizlet has two special features that many students find very convenient:

  • It can be used on your PC with all the progress synchronized via cloud services.
  • If you set the date of your test or exam, Quizlet will create an individual program for you which will let you recall everything in time.

2. Forest

This study timer may be considered one of the most convenient educational apps for elementary students. It encourages you to stay away from your phone.

All you need to do is figure out how long it will take you to work on your assignments or projects and set a timer by planting a tree. The idea behind it is pretty simple: if you exit the app before your tree is fully grown, it dies. But if you succeed in accomplishing your tasks within the set time, you will get coins. They can be used to buy rare species of trees for the app or (which is even more exciting) finance the planting of a real tree!

3. K12

K12 is a periodic table app. With it, you don’t need to carry your periodic table or any chemistry notes around. In K12, all the information about any element you need is easily accessible, which is handy for Chemistry and medical students, in particular.

4. Duolingo

It is a highly popular app for language learners. It offers a wide variety of languages to study and is also very simple to use.

Duolinguo has a lot of exercises to improve your listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills. With this app, you can learn a new language and practice new grammar or vocabulary in a fun way.

5. Khan Academy

This is an all-time favorite among other educational apps for college students. Not only can it simplify your learning process by providing you with a refined dissertation, as, for example, https://www.the-essays.com/term-paper does, but it can also teach you anything you want.

Khan Academy provides you with lessons in sciences, economics, and humanities. It features video lectures, different articles, and quizzes to help you learn as much as possible.

It is a fantastic app for studying on the go because you can download the necessary learning materials and use them offline. Also, Khan Academy offers special programs designed for AP courses which is a great option for American students.

That’s it, folks! All you need to do now is give some of these apps a try, and we are sure you will be absolutely satisfied with your educational experience!

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