Forget Copilot: 5 Major AI Features Google Rolled Out to Chromebooks This Week

This week, Google introduced a range of new AI-powered features to its Chromebook Plus line, significantly enhancing the user experience. These updates aim to integrate AI seamlessly into everyday tasks, making Chromebooks more intuitive and efficient. Here’s a detailed look at the five major AI features now available on Chromebooks.

  1. Help Me Write

One of the standout features is “Help Me Write,” an AI tool designed to assist users in drafting, rewriting, and refining text. Integrated across all apps and the Chrome browser, this feature simplifies content creation, providing suggestions and corrections as you type. Whether you’re working on a document, composing an email, or writing a blog post, Help Me Write ensures your text is polished and professional.

  1. Magic Editor in Google Photos

Google has brought the popular Magic Editor from Pixel phones to Chromebooks. This AI-driven tool allows users to easily edit photos by removing unwanted background elements, adjusting lighting, and enhancing image quality. It’s a powerful addition for users who frequently work with visual content, streamlining the photo editing process and delivering impressive results with minimal effort.

  1. Game Dashboard and Game Controls

Acknowledging the growing trend of gaming on Chromebooks, Google introduced the Game Dashboard and Game Controls. The Game Dashboard serves as a control center for all gaming-related activities, offering features like game organization, settings adjustments, and social integration. Game Controls, on the other hand, provide a comprehensive key-mapping system, allowing users to customize controls for Android games that typically require a touchscreen or controller. This enhancement supports a more flexible and enjoyable gaming experience.

  1. AI-Powered Summarization

The new AI-powered summarization feature, known as “Help Me Read,” offers concise summaries of web pages, documents, and PDFs. Users can also ask follow-up questions, making it easier to digest large amounts of information quickly. This tool is particularly useful for students, researchers, and professionals who need to sift through extensive content efficiently.

  1. Google One AI Premium Plan

Google is also offering a year-long subscription to the Google One AI Premium plan with every Chromebook Plus purchase. This plan includes advanced features such as Gemini Advanced, which supports document uploads for analysis and provides an extended context window for processing larger data sets. This subscription, valued at $20 per month, is a significant perk for users, enhancing the overall functionality of their Chromebooks.

Future Updates and Accessibility Enhancements

Looking ahead, Google plans to introduce additional features, including a new accessibility tool based on its “Project Gameface,” which uses face and gesture tracking to operate the device without a keyboard or mouse. This innovation could make Chromebooks more accessible to users with physical disabilities, further broadening their appeal.

These updates reflect Google’s commitment to leveraging AI to improve the functionality and user experience of Chromebooks. As these features roll out, Chromebook users can look forward to a more dynamic and versatile computing experience.

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