Flock App Store has a lot for developer community

Flock – A business communication and collaboration app has launched its own app store. As of now, it lets its user plug in their external apps, which is an extremely beneficial feature for all the developers. The current listing of the tools within the app can be of great use to the developer community.

The recently introduced has got a decent list of developer-friendly apps viz. Honeybadger, Logentries, Airbrake, Codeship, Crashlytics and Github amongst others and Flock can connect with more than 250 devices with the help of exclusive Flock channel on IFTTT.

Additionally, there are some common apps which can be used by different departments of the same organisation. For instance, social media tool like Twitter, project-management software Trello and email marketing tool MailChimp are some of the examples.

Apart from these developer-friendly features, Flock is still a quintessential tool for the developers because of its ability to accommodate app integrations which in turn help in accomplishing key tasks more effectively.

Flock, as an app store is striving to make sure that all the developers are able to receive important notifications regarding their favourite apps within a single platform. Notifications with respect to code management, flexible continuous integrations, error monitoring and handling. Receiving such info under the same roof enhances the work life of the developers because there’s no need to switch between multiple tools.

Following is a list of useful apps that are available on Flock App store:


Flock renders the pivotal role of collaborating services for enterprises in order to enable faster delivery of work and completion of targets. It helps in simplifying communication among teams by enabling effective communication between multiple platforms. It’s simple and clutter-free interface is intuitive and synced across different platforms as well.

Flock app store also provides info on how the Developer and DevOps community can make use of it for better collaboration.

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