India’s largest online shopping portal – Flipkart appears to be on a hiring spree to increase its market. There are reports that Flipkart is in the finishing process of signing yet another Google engineer, Peeyush Ranjan, who is presently a senior engineering director at Google. Reports say that he will be joining Flipkart by the end of May, 2015.

Last month, Flipkart hired an ex-Google executive – Punit Soni as its Chief Product Officer. Punit will join the company this month. It may be a recalled that Flipkart’s Mukesh Bansal and Co-founder Sachin Bansal while on a general trip to Silicon Valley, had come across some three dozen expert potentials hires in the valley, last month. Since then, the company till date had just made two hires. And, a few more are expected soon in future.

A Senior Executive at Flipkart has told that the Flipkart’s unceasing plans on ramping up its tech infrastructure. “Flipkart has been busy buying server space across the globe and is looking to upscale the entire technical framework,” he added.

Flipkart has been quite vocal about its ideas to bring a complete renovation to its technology and make it even stronger to ever increasing web traffic.