Fishes fall from the sky in Andhra Pradesh village

The residents of Gollamudi village in Andhra Pradesh were surprised to see fish falling from the skies on Friday morning, according to news reports dated June 20, 2015.

There was similar news from Thailand earlier this year and now in India.

Thousands of fish rained from the sky and were found lying in the fields.

The residents of the village collected them from their waterlogged areas and took them home.

Eyewitnesses suggested that the fish belonged to the Vallaga species and were very rare to be found in this region.

According to the villagers, fish in the size range of 4-6 inches fell from the sky along with heavy rain

Environmentalist hinted that fish rain could be mainly because of the displacement caused due to rain and tornados.

They also added that water from rivers, canals, and tanks get scattered due to heavy rain and wind and fishes does not fall from the sky.

fish rain in thailand
File Photos: Fish rain in Thailand earlier this year

The Deccan Chronicle quoted an environmentalist Dugguraju as saying on the fish rain; “Fish does not fall from the sky. It is only displacement caused due to rain mixed with gales or tornados.

“Due to intense wind, the water from nearby rivers, canals, and fish tanks get displaced. Along with the water, fish and other marine life too are displaced.”

fish-rain in phillipines
File Pic: Fish rain in Philiipines

In the past we have read news of spiders, crabs and ants falling from the sky.

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