Home News Fahmi Announces Upcoming WhatsApp AI Chatbot to Combat Fake News

Fahmi Announces Upcoming WhatsApp AI Chatbot to Combat Fake News

Fahmi Announces Upcoming WhatsApp AI Chatbot to Combat Fake News

In a significant move to tackle the growing issue of misinformation, Malaysia’s Communications Minister, Fahmi Fadzil, announced the imminent launch of an AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp. This initiative is aimed at curbing the spread of fake news on the widely-used messaging platform.

The Purpose and Functionality of the Chatbot

The WhatsApp chatbot, developed in collaboration with Meta Platforms Inc., is designed to verify the authenticity of information shared on the platform. Users will be able to interact with the chatbot to check the veracity of messages they receive. Fahmi highlighted that the tool is almost ready for launch, with the text-based verification feature already in place. However, future updates may include the ability to verify videos and images as well​​.

How It Works

Once a user forwards a message to the chatbot, it will analyze the content and provide feedback within one to two minutes. The responses will be based on reports from the JomCheck group, which includes several non-governmental organizations like MyCheck from Bernama, known for their stringent verification standards​​. The chatbot will initially support multiple languages, including Malay, English, Chinese, and Tamil, to cater to a diverse user base​.

Development and Testing

Fahmi has personally tested the feature and expressed satisfaction with its performance, though some technical aspects are still being finalized with Meta. The project is a response to the prevalent issue of fake news and defamatory content circulating on WhatsApp. By integrating this solution within the app, the ministry hopes to provide a quick and reliable method for users to verify information​.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance digital literacy and ensure that the public has access to accurate information. It aligns with other government efforts, such as the network and infrastructure-sharing framework among six major mobile network operators in Malaysia to improve coverage and connectivity​​.


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