Facebook has upgraded its Messenger app with support for Photo Magic, which makes use of facial recognition to search, find and tag your friends in photos. The Messenger automatically recognizes your Facebook friends in the photos you capture. It will then create a group thread to enable you to share the photos with those friends in two easy taps.

In order to work with Photo Magic, all you need to do is enable it from the Settings menu in Messenger. You will be prompted to try the feature that you can do by selecting Try It option. After capturing a photo with your friends, you will get a reminder to forward the photo to them by tapping Send.

Facebook initially launched Photo Magic in Australia, but they have expanded it to be available in more countries.

Facebook Messenger introduces Photo Magic

Facebook Messenger has introduced new customization features with which you can modify colors, emojis and nicknames for chats on a thread-by-thread basis.

The other people in the conversation will be able to view the changes you made in real time. In order to work with this feature, you need to tap the info button in the top right. This feature enables you to experience an unique look and feel in each conversation.

Facebook Messenger introduces Photo Magic

Facebook has introduced snowflakes with which you can add snow effect to your chat conversations. In order to activate it, you need to send a Santa, Christmas tree or snow-related sticker or emoji to a friend. You will be able to view a group of stars falling from top to bottom of your screen.

Facebook has added new features to bring new delight to your upcoming holidays. We can expect more new features and improvements shortly.