Facebook Messenger Beta for Windows 10 launched, yet to be available

Facebook Messenger beta for Windows 10 is reportedly listed on Windows Store. However, there is no official confirmation about its availability, revealed Windowsblogitalia.com. However, the app is only available for PC and tablet devices with no word about the version for smartphones. The site also posted screenshots and a leaked video, which demonstrates the core features of the new app.

Although we are unable to understand the language on the leaked video, which we hope should be that of Italian, the video runs for a total of 4 minutes. It demonstrates the features of the user interface in detail with the usage of emoticons.

As revealed in the leaked screenshots and video, the Messenger UI looks similar to that of Windows 10 design patterns while retaining the modules from MSN Messenger that we used for a very long period of time.

It has been widely reported that Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 was under the testing stage for the past five months and in all probability, the app will be released at the upcoming Build 2016 conference.

Even though there is no official confirmation from Facebook when asked about the source of leaked screenshots and video, the app has been listed in Windows Store, which means it is official.

Moreover, the Facebook Messenger Beta has been tested among a select group of people in a few countries and the beta version will be released before the end of March.

According to Windows Store, Facebook Messenger Beta for Windows 10 app enables you to get notifications and messages inside a live tile, helps you to send images, videos, and content with links.

You can create more engaging conversations using stickers with the ability to know when people have seen and read your messages. The app also helps you to create/search groups by tagging those friends you message a lot including naming them. You will be able to forward messages or photos to friends who didn’t participate in the conversation.

Meanwhile, the current version of the app, which is in circulation among a select group of people in a few countries, is only compatible with x86 devices.

Last October, at the Windows 10 devices event, Microsoft had announced its plans to release Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram apps. We have been thinking about the possibility of Microsoft shelving the Facebook Messenger app since there is no word from the Redmond-based giant for the past five months. But the latest development shows that Microsoft is committed to delivering what has been promised to its customers.

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