Expert Picks for the Pokémon GO Catch Cup: Great League Edition in Season 17

Pokémon GO

As Pokémon GO’s Catch Cup: Great League Edition for Season 17 gears up, players are on the lookout for the best team compositions to dominate the competition. This unique battle format, exclusive to Pokémon caught in the current season and restricted to a 1500 CP limit, offers a fresh challenge to trainers. Here, we delve into the top choices for Leads, Switches, and Closers, ensuring your team is well-equipped for any battle scenario.

Key Highlights:

  • Event Duration: The Catch Cup is active from November 18 to November 25, 2023.
  • CP Limit: Only Pokémon with a CP of 1,500 or less are eligible.
  • Catch Criterion: Competitors must use Pokémon caught in the current season.

Pokémon GO

Best Team Picks for the Catch Cup: Great League Edition:


  • Lanturn is chosen for its balance and electric moves, effective against water and flying types. Its high stamina allows it to sustain longer in battle, making it a solid lead.
  • Clodsire emerges as a versatile pick due to its poison and ground moves, offering coverage against electric types and other common threats in the Great League.
  • Pelipper leverages its flying moves for quick energy generation, making it a threat to fighters and bugs alike.

Switches (Safe Swaps):

  • Medicham, with its fighting and psychic moves, can counter both normal and rock types, making it a flexible choice for unexpected switches.
  • Sableye’s ghost moves make it an excellent counter to psychic and ghost types, while its fairy resistance helps against common threats.
  • Clodsire, also effective as a switch, can absorb damage and retaliate with its ground and poison moves, offering strategic flexibility.


  • Shadow Quagsire provides a powerful finisher with its enhanced attack, making quick work of weakened opponents with its ground moves.
  • Serperior offers a grass-type closer option, capable of dealing with water, ground, and rock types effectively with its STAB moves.
  • Clodsire again shows its versatility, capable of closing matches with its robust moveset.

Additional Picks and Meta Considerations

Beyond the top picks, the meta also includes Galarian Stunfisk, Carbink, and Azumarill as notable mentions, each bringing unique capabilities to the table:

  • Galarian Stunfisk offers a wide range of resistances, making it a formidable opponent against many types​​.
  • Carbink shines with its rock and fairy moves, providing a strong defense against various types while delivering effective attacks​​.
  • Azumarill’s water and fairy moves make it a bulky choice capable of dealing significant damage while resisting common attacks​​.

For trainers seeking additional insights or alternative team compositions, the meta team of Medicham, Carbink, and Lickitung is highlighted for its effectiveness, alongside versatile options like Gligar, Swampert, Steelix, and Clodsire​​​​.

The Catch Cup: Great League Edition of Pokémon GO Season 17 presents a unique battlefield that tests trainers’ adaptability and strategic prowess. With the right combination of Pokémon, focusing on Leads, Switches, and Closers, players can navigate the dynamic challenges this cup offers. As trainers worldwide dive into the fray, the importance of strategic team composition cannot be overstated. Whether you’re a seasoned battler or new to the arena, the choices you make will define your path to victory. Remember, the key to success lies not just in the strength of your Pokémon but in how well they synergize and adapt to the ever-changing tides of battle.

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