Exclusive Interview with Mr. Paul DePasquale, CEO, Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio is a US based Home audio systems Solution provider. It was established in the year 2000 in Boston to address the lack of high-quality, well-designed, and reasonably priced audio products in the consumer audio market. Tivoli Audio became a global luxury brand over the course of its history with a variety of finish options, and high-quality audio. It is well-known in the design community. The company’s love of music and its ability to combine the old and new, creating a classic and modern approach to the home audio experience that offers a unique mix of style and sound, are the constant sources of Tivoli Audio’s inspiration throughout the brand.

Recently, Tivoli Audio has launched new range of audio products in the Indian market: Model One BT, Music System Home Gen2, Model One Digital Gen 2 and Revive. These products are designed to provide outstanding sound quality and a stylish look, making them perfect for any home or office.

We got a chance to interview Mr. Paul DePasquale, CEO, Tivoli Audio recently and here’s how it went.

1. Tell us about the line of products launched in India.  

We have opened the market in India offering some key models which represents the philosophy of Tivoli Audio. The Model One BT is our benchmark, first model ever created which built the company. Even though it’s a traditional radio with Bluetooth, it captures the natural simplicity that all of our products strive to achieve. The Model One Digital and Music System Home, showcase the same passion for design and quality as all of our products, but with higher audio performance and modern tech. With Wi-Fi streaming capabilities of Airplay and Google Cast, this showcases our passion to evolve, stay current, and offer the latest in audio tech. The Revive is a simpler product offering an LED lamp, Bluetooth speaker, and wireless QI phone charging. This model showcases the simplistic and unique position of Tivoli, living as a lifestyle brand and product.

2. How is your company incorporating cutting-edge technologies into the manufacturing process of your products?

We always stay current with what the latest is in both wireless streaming, and also in small format high quality audio. Our strength in high quality audio coming from a small footprint, has always been what we do best. Keeping up with both hardware and software evolutions to achieve this remains in the forefront of our development plans. As for consumer tech features, working with Airplay 2, Google Cast, Spotify connect and many other streaming services, have given us the backbone in the product DNA to stay current and modern for a wide variety of audio and music playback applications.

3. What are your expectations from the Indian market? What has been your sales performance in India so far?

We expect within the next 2 years to be a well-known brand within India. We have so far expanded the initial reach to a variety of resellers. We are still working on the brand positioning and how we outreach to the target market, but we are very positive and confident in our projections. We know we have a product line that offers a variety of models, allowing us to be relevant in a variety of market segments from Design, décor, audio, Consumer Electronics, and hospitality.

4. What unique features and innovations does your brand offer that distinguish it from other brands in the market?

For us it is all about SIMPLE DESIGNS, which are user friendly and offering an experience uniquely apart from many other brands.  There is nothing quite like a Tivoli. Our products are a talking piece, something that brings people together around music.

5. What are your future plans in India?

We have entered into a strategic distribution partnership with Alphatec, a Mumbai-based distribution house specializing in top-tier audio and video equipment. As part of this partnership, we have launched new products in India. Also, we will also expand its distribution network to cover more cities across the country. In the long term, we plan to become a leading player in the Indian audio market and target both the premium and mass market segments.

Once we review the success of the first 6 months being launched in India, we will start reviewing a wider product range, marketing, and sales plan for the region. That said, all segments, sales verticals remain as an opportunity for us from B2C, to B2B opportunities.

We thank Mr. Paul for having this interaction with us!