I am sure a lot of you are aware or have used JetScreen on-the-fly content service in the flights of Jet Airways recently. How about getting the similar kind of service on the buses as well? Well, there is one such company that is doing exactly the same. We had an exclusive session with Mr. Gaurav Kapahi, Co-Founder, GoldSeat recently to discuss how it works and what are their future plans for the same. You can read the whole interview here.

  1. What is the current scenario of the on-the-go entertainment sector in India?

The offline on the go entertainment sector in India is largely unorganized with players providing unlicensed content to the viewers. Market size is estimated to be 660mn passengers with approximately 500mn traveling by buses and is expected to grow at a rate of 15% CAGR. With infrastructure improvements, the number of people traveling by bus continues to rise as compared to airways and railways. We see this as a great opportunity, adding to the comfort of the passengers while traveling inter-state by Volvos or any other luxury buses.

  1. How does the technology of GoldSeat work?

The entire GoldSeat entertainment profile is linked to a device installed in the bus which acts as a server to all the licensed content available for the travelers. The mobile app which is just 3MB in size can be downloaded from either Google Play or App store when the traveler boards the bus and log in using their Facebook id. The app offers On-The-Go Offline Entertainment, Multi-Band Network, Unlimited Movies and TV Shows Streaming, HD videos, Offline Media Streaming, and Free WiFi. Travelers can connect to GoldSeat WiFi. The WiFi is a multi-band network and is enabled with the URA filtering technology which filters the kind of content which can be accessed through the technology. The service is completely free for the passengers. We use Wi-Fi (as a technology) to stream content to the smartphones/devices through the device that we install in each bus/vehicle. The app offers On-The-Go Offline Entertainment, Multi-Band Network, Unlimited Movies and TV Shows Streaming, HD videos, Offline Media Streaming, and Free WiFi.

  1. How is the application deployed?

The GoldSeat device is installed in buses by trained electricians and is hard bolted inside the bus. The app can be downloaded from the play store/app store and then using our wifi a passenger can stream all content without any data charges, buffering or downloading. Once connected to our device the passenger can access multi-network wifi as well as stream HD content seamlessly.

  1. Which sectors do the brand plan to enter?

Currently, GoldSeat has its application running across 250 buses which includes Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation and also other private players across Northern and Western regions of India including Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and will soon be available down south expanding its services PAN India in near future. Also, there are conversations currently going on with multiple airlines and the agencies which handle media inside the trains. It will take approximate 12-14 months to convert the same.

  1. What are the growth and monetisation plans taken into consideration going forward?

The service is free for the passengers – we charge the operators. Whether the operators include the cost of the ticket or charge separately is up to their discretion. A service like ours gives an edge to the ordinary experience of a travel journey. Offline available content makes a huge difference to a travel journey, especially for longer routes.