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EVM Introduces Made in India 65W And 45W GAN Chargers

Hundia Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a Mumbai-based leading vendor of computing and mobility products and the brand owners of EVM, has expanded its range of wall chargers today with the newest offering. The homegrown accessory maker has launched a 65W EnBuzz GaN charger and 45W EnRush GaN Charger.

Keeping your gadgets charged while on the go is an endemic issue for the fast paced users. Today, EVM announced a lineup of chargers that promises to delight even the most power-hungry users. The new series uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) for its silicon, which promises much higher power outputs at far lower heat loss. In other words: Smaller chargers, More power and less heat. GaN tech isn’t new, but it’s now appearing in consumer electronics at affordable pricing.

Commenting on the launch of the latest GaN Chargers, Mr. Aatish Hundia, Director, EVM India said, “It is with great joy that we announce our newest Make in India chargers with GaN Tech. GaN is revolutionising the way we charge gadgets by delivering better power transfer efficiency, quicker charging capabilities, and compact, more portable chargers.’’

The reason these chargers are interesting is portability above all. EVM’s Enbuzz charger, in particular, packs 65 W worth of power delivery at once to two USB-C devices and a USB-A device. Together, that means that you can charge two laptops at once, or — more likely — a laptop and a phone or tablet, plus an accessory of some sort, without having to take up more than one power socket.

These Made in India 65W & 45W chargers gives complete confidence and freedom to today’s consumers who never want to miss being on-the go by rendering fast charging support to their multiple devices. EVM accessories offer an extensive range of highest quality IT & Telecom products such as Internal and external SSDs, RAM, Wireless headsets, Powerbanks, GAN chargers, and more.

Join the tech revolution with EVM Gan Chargers which comes with a unique 1-year warranty to give consumers with the finest in after-sales assistance. It also offers a pick-up and drop-off service for its after-sales service, which adds to the already impressive list of features. The company has over 500 service locations around the country, and for every product sold, EVM donates INR 10 to a child cancer fund.