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Envoy Pro Elektron from OWC is the fastest and toughest external mini SSD out there

OWC today announced the launch of the new Envoy Pro Elektron USB-C bus-powered external SSD memory. Sporting compact dimensions, the external memory is small enough to fit into your palm but packs quite a punch with its design and performance.

The SSD is capable of max speeds of 1011MB/s in real-world usage, which makes doing edits, or backing up data a true breeze. The company said the advanced NVMe technology enables the SSD to deliver top-notch performance compared to others of its class.

Another huge positive with the Envoy Pro Elektron SSD is the rugged build that makes it immune to water and dust ingress. For the latter, it comes with an IP67 rating. The use of aircraft-grade aluminum casing ensures it is able to dissipate heat quickly and easily.

It is universally compatible too, which means it offers plug-and-play functionality with Thunderbolt or USB interfaces of Macs or PC. Plus, it is also compatible with devices as diverse as the Chromebook or the iPad Pro. The USB-C cable with Type A adapter it comes with will let the SSD to be attached to just about any device anywhere.

What’s more, the Elektron SSD can serve as a bootable external memory as well while its superior performance will allow you to get started in just seconds. There is an LED interface as well that will let you know what the gadget is up to, providing you the latest power and activity info.