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Embracer Group to Sell Saber Interactive in $500 Million Deal Amid Star Wars Game Remake Development

Star wars

In a significant move within the gaming industry, Embracer Group has announced its decision to sell Saber Interactive, the developer currently working on the highly anticipated remake of the ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ (KOTOR). This decision comes as part of a larger $500 million deal, marking a pivotal moment for both companies and fans eagerly awaiting the game’s release. Saber Interactive, known for its expertise in game development, has been actively involved in the remake of the iconic Star Wars game, promising to deliver a product that exceeds expectations.

Key Highlights

  • Embracer Group sells Saber Interactive as part of a $500 million deal.
  • Saber Interactive is currently developing a remake of ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’.
  • The game is set to be a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5.
  • Saber Interactive has a proven track record, having worked on multiple Halo products.
  • The KOTOR remake is described as more than a simple remaster, built from scratch for modern consoles.

Star wars

A Strategic Shift in the Gaming Industry

The sale of Saber Interactive by Embracer Group is a strategic move that underscores the dynamic nature of the gaming industry. Saber Interactive has been at the forefront of developing the KOTOR remake, a project that has garnered significant attention and anticipation from the Star Wars fanbase and gamers worldwide. This deal not only highlights the value of Saber Interactive’s work but also the importance of strategic partnerships and acquisitions in scaling and advancing game development.

The Development of the KOTOR Remake

Under Saber Interactive’s development, the KOTOR remake is touted to be a comprehensive overhaul of the original game, offering modern graphics, gameplay mechanics, and storytelling while staying true to the essence that made the original a classic. The decision to make it a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive further emphasizes the significance of this release in the current console generation, promising to leverage the advanced capabilities of modern hardware to deliver a memorable gaming experience.

The Legacy of KOTOR and Its Impact

The original ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ game, released in 2003, is celebrated for its compelling narrative, deep role-playing mechanics, and its setting in the Star Wars universe, thousands of years before the events of the films. The game’s influence extends beyond its initial release, with elements of its story and characters making appearances in various Star Wars media. The remake by Saber Interactive seeks to reintroduce this beloved story to a new generation of gamers, while also appealing to fans of the original.


The sale of Saber Interactive as part of a $500 million deal by Embracer Group marks a significant moment in the gaming industry, reflecting the dynamics of game development and the value of iconic franchises like Star Wars. As Saber Interactive continues its work on the KOTOR remake, the anticipation for its release grows, promising to deliver an experience that honors the legacy of the original while showcasing the advancements in gaming technology. This deal not only highlights the strategic moves within the industry but also the ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences to fans around the world.