Google Pixel 9 Pro Leaks with iPhone-Like Design and Enhanced Specs Google Pixel 9 Pro Leaks with iPhone-Like Design and Enhanced Specs

Early Glimpse: Google Pixel 9 Series Showcases Design Shift in Leaked Hands-On Photos

Explore the latest leak of Google Pixel 9 Pro featuring iPhone-like design and upgraded specs. Get a first look at the new design and key features months before the official launch.

The Google Pixel 9 Pro has made an unexpected appearance in recent hands-on photos, revealing significant details about its design and specifications several months ahead of its expected release. These images, providing a clearer look at Google’s upcoming device, suggest notable changes that align more closely with current high-end smartphone trends.

Overview of the Pixel 9 Pro

The leaked images highlight a design overhaul for the Pixel 9 Pro that includes a flat, matte back coupled with a glossy metal frame, resembling the aesthetic choices of the latest iPhone models. This new design features a more prominent camera setup at the rear, comprising three cameras, an LED flash, and possibly a temperature sensor—a carryover from the previous Pixel 8 Pro.

In terms of specifications, the leaks confirm several upgrades over the previous models. The Pixel 9 Pro is reported to come with 128GB of storage and a substantial 16GB of RAM, suggesting a strong focus on enhancing multitasking and processing capabilities.

Comparison with Competitors

Positioned next to an iPhone 15 Pro Max in some of the images, the Pixel 9 Pro’s size and design choices can be directly compared, showing Google’s shift towards more universally accepted design norms in the smartphone industry. The alignment with popular design traits could be a strategic move to attract users who appreciate the aesthetic and functional design of Apple’s devices but are looking for an Android alternative.

Connectivity and Future Plans

Consistent with the modern demands for faster data speeds, the Pixel 9 Pro is expected to support mmWave 5G technology. This inclusion will likely enhance the appeal of the Pixel 9 Pro in markets where 5G has already been rolled out extensively.

Despite these early leaks, the full details of the Pixel 9 lineup, including the Pixel 9 Pro and possibly an XL variant, will officially be unveiled at an upcoming Google hardware event, rumored to be scheduled for October. There is also speculation about a teaser possibly being dropped at Google I/O 2024, adding to the anticipation among tech enthusiasts and potential users.

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