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US to deploy Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle in space in partnership with ISRO


The US is deploying one of its satellites with the help of India. Though many have termed it as a glorious landmark for India, the scientists at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) consider it as long due recognition.

This opportunity has come across due to the sanctions that have been imposed on India by the United States.

It is not for the first time that ISRO will be helping a country launch its satellite. ISRO has conducted satellite launches for different 19 countries that also include space-faring nations.

However, the United States will use an Indian vehicle, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), for the first time to put one of its satellites in orbit.

“The US will be the 20th country to sign up for a commercial launch by India,” said ISRO chairman, A.S. Kiran Kumar at the AMET University function.

It’s the cost-effective technology we have. He also added that another 28 foreign satellites would be launched in the coming two years. The US satellite GSLV- Mark- II will be launched on August 27.

“The 2.1-tonne capacity GSLV-Mark-II will be carrying a communications satellite,” he added. “By March 2016, we will launch seven satellites.” Hence, he emphasized on the need for ISRO to increase its capacity.

After having successfully launched a Mars mission, India is planning a mission to Venus. ISRO scientists are in search of a launch pad outside Sriharikota, in Kulasekharapattinam in southern Tamil Nadu.