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Deep-Sea Expedition Brings Back Bizarre Creatures

A team of international researchers together with the Australian government research organization recently spent the whole month exploring the ocean floor that is off the coast curious to know what stays down in the Australian Eastern abyss and how they survive. The findings were astonishing as the team kept on stumbling on strange creatures and their survival techniques.

The outcome of the study will help in understanding better the remarkable evolution of creation in harsh environments. The photos of the creatures that were pulled out of the abyss remain a nightmare to many people who encountered them. For example, there was a spiny red crab that had bright colored things that the researchers have never seen before. There was also a peanut worm which resembles the human penis.

Another astonishing creature was the coffin-fish that had blue eyes and red fins and a fascinating trick of catching prey in the dark. It uses a fluffy bait to trap the prey that is looking for food. There was also a cookie-cutter shark although this has been seen before in another study. The shark targets big fish including the whales or dolphins and it lands on them with its notched rows of teeth ripping out a chunk of flesh tissues from its prey before it takes off.

Another weird creature collected in the abyss is the faceless fish that has never been seen before. The fish has no defined eyes or gills and its mouth is located on the bottom of its body. The researchers pulled out thousands of sea creatures and they will be used for further studies for future generations. They also came across a heap of irritating trash that could have been collected for many years. The sea floor had 200 years trash on it.

Scientists used multi-beam sonar to protect themselves from sharp rocks. They took time lowering their equipment in the deep ocean floor which was a slow and tiresome process. About one-third of the creatures found in the abyss have never been seen by humans. The Australia’s deep-sea environment is large in size but no one had ever discovered what stays in the abyssal plain.