Clicks: The BlackBerry Returns, Now Clipped to Your iPhone for Content Creation

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Remember the satisfying click-clack of a physical keyboard? For many, it’s a nostalgic memory tied to the era of BlackBerry dominance. Now, a new company called Clicks Technology is aiming to revive that experience, but with a modern twist: a keyboard case for iPhones.

Key Highlights:

  • Clicks is a keyboard case for iPhones, reminiscent of the iconic BlackBerry design.
  • Designed for creators and professionals, it offers a tactile typing experience on the go.
  • The case connects via Lightning or USB-C and features dedicated function keys for app shortcuts.
  • Clicks is backed by tech veterans from Apple, BlackBerry, and Google, with pre-orders starting at $139.

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Bringing Back the Tactile Advantage:

In an age dominated by touchscreen keyboards, Clicks offers a return to the familiar comfort of physical keys. The case adds a full QWERTY keyboard to the bottom of your iPhone, replicating the layout of the beloved BlackBerry devices. This isn’t just about nostalgia, though. Clicks is targeted at content creators and professionals who value speed, accuracy, and tactile feedback while typing on the go.

More Than Just Keys:

Clicks isn’t just a keyboard slapped onto a case. It’s thoughtfully designed with creators in mind. The keyboard connects to your iPhone via Lightning or USB-C, depending on the model, and seamlessly integrates with iOS. Dedicated function keys allow for quick access to commonly used apps and features, boosting your productivity.

A Team of Tech Pedigree:

Clicks is the brainchild of a team with impressive tech pedigrees. Michael Fisher, a popular YouTuber, and Kevin Michaluk, founder of the tech blog CrackBerry Kevin, lead the charge. Their combined experience in mobile technology and deep understanding of creator needs are evident in the Clicks design.

Pricing and Availability:

Clicks cases are currently available for pre-order, starting at $139 for the iPhone 14 Pro version. The iPhone 15 Pro model is priced at $159, with shipments beginning in February and March, respectively. A Clicks case for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is also on the horizon, arriving in “early spring.”

The Clicks Verdict:

Whether Clicks will find widespread appeal remains to be seen. The price tag may be a hurdle for some, and the added bulk of the case could be a turn-off for those who prioritize pocket-friendliness. However, for those who miss the tactile joy of physical keyboards and crave a productivity boost on their iPhones, Clicks offers a compelling proposition. It’s a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation, and it could just be the key to unlocking a more efficient and satisfying mobile content creation experience.

Clicks is a keyboard case for iPhones that seeks to bring back the iconic Blackberry typing experience with a modern twist. Designed for creators and professionals, it boasts a full QWERTY keyboard, dedicated function keys, and seamless integration with iOS. Backed by a team of tech veterans and starting at $139, Clicks offers a unique proposition for those who value accuracy, efficiency, and the satisfying tactility of physical keys, even on their iPhones.

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