CES 2017: Self-driving cars, drones, VR devices and more expected at the Tech show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 will kickstart from January 5 and will end on January 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We expect the launch of a wide range of self-driving cars, virtual reality devices and drones including new improvements to Television technology.

According to The Verge, companies are expected to showcase several products and services including wearables that are not worn on the wrist. You can also expect the launch of a wide range of smart glasses, robots and the technology used in clothing and exoskeletons. Moreover, products with new advancements in VR and gaming are expected to be showcased during the event.

If you rewind back to 2016, you will know that Oculus Rift was announced during the CES event, which was priced at $599. In 2017, we expect companies to unveil enhancements to existing headsets and graphics. According to industry analysts, the total number of new launches are expected to decline considerably with a primary focus on updates to current products.

Self-driving cars, Internet of Things, Wearables at CES 2017

Meanwhile, The Verge reports that self-driving cars will most likely steal the CES 2017 event. In 2016, several cars were introduced and auto analysts have referred to the event as Car Electronics Show due to an alarming rise in the electric cars. If the predictions of the online tech portal are to be believed, you can expect the launch of technology-driven and self-navigating cars during the event.

In the meantime, CNET has predicted that the Internet of Things, Wearables, and other products which will communicate with each other wirelessly will make a vital presence at the upcoming CES. You can also expect the launch of improved smart house technology products.

Personal robots and assistants to show up

Expected to make an impact at CES, Drones will be introduced with new features, gadgets, and a decline in prices. The main reason for the rapid surge in the Drones is aimed at increasing the market share of drones.

In a report published on PC Magazine, personal robots and assistants including vacuums and coffee makers will also establish debut during the CES event. We also expect several new product launches from Xiaomi, Hicense, Sony, LG, BlackBerry and Huawei since these smartphone companies are also participating in the CES 2017 event. Hence, you can expect the launch of new smartphones integrated with the latest technology during the event.

Curved OLED TV at CES 2017

According to a report published on Indian Express, you can expect the launch of new Televisions with OLED panels coupled with a curved display. Moreover, new budget friendly TV sets with the 4K display are also expected to launch during the event.

In addition to Gadgets and Technology based products, CES is also committed to unearthing the rich potential of authors in the tech industry. The Gary’s Book Club will showcase the works of prominent authors in the tech industry. You will have an opportunity to buy the books signed by relevant authors including an opportunity to meet them in person for an interview. We will continue to track CES 2017 event and will provide updates. Stay tuned with PC Tablet.