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Canon introduces new-gen Cinema EOS 8K camera and 120MP DSLR

canon-Cinema EOS 8K camera

Tokyo: Canon, the technology biggie, after flaunting the development of a CMOS sensor with 238 megapixels, now proudly announced their yet another sample of approaching technological achievements. The Cinema EOS System 8K camera that has been imbibed with Canon Super, 35 mm-equivalent, CMOS sensor allowing it to give an outstanding performance with resolution of 35.39 million pixels with frame rate of 60fps supporting wide color range. The body of this device provides it high mobility and ease of operation and features a compatible EF mount.

As per Canon, this 8K camera will put a halt to the talks about the ending of series of C500s; this one could be called as the new C500.

The camera supporting EF lens mount is no surprise to anyone who is aware of Canon’s collection of the lens that is undoubtedly the biggest of the company’s assets. This time it is expected to provide standard support as it has to care for a quite larger as well as heavier glass.

Talking about the lens, it is a 7x8K lens, offering a range of 19.7 to 138mm, super 35mm, at the constant f/2.8 aperture.

Sources reported that this camera equipped with interchangeable EF lens will offer the users a myriad of options to shoot images and videos that will altogether enhance visual expressions.

The company also promised to bring forth a damn high megapixel DSLR camera featuring a resolution of 120 megapixels.

This camera, as claimed by Canon, will be able to produce high-resolution pictures with 3-D texture and realistic feel. The users will be able to crop the images without having to cry for the disturbed resolution.

Plus, the company also claimed that this camera would be able to read the letters present on airplane’s sides that is as much as 18 kilometers away.

Canon seems quite determined to bring about a positive revolution in the field of imaging. It keeps experimenting to expand the horizon of visual expression.

Altogether, it won’t be wrong enough to keep the expectations even higher with Canon; a lot can be anticipated to come out of the company in the years to come.

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