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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV: Rumours and Speculations

Rumors have it that Canon has secretly released more than a few EOS 5D Mark IV (set to be released in August at a price of Rs. 2,00,000) to it’s trusted image makers.

No statement has been made about the specifications, but it is said to be focussed on video recording.

Speculations have it that the DSLR will have 4K recording and 1080p video at 120FPS, using the DGIC processor (currently only available in the PowerShot G7 XII). The only other Canon DSLRs capable of 4K video recording are 1D C, 1D X, and the Mark II.

Estimated to be one of the most humbly priced 4K cameras, the device will still cost much more than a regular DSLR.

Unlike the Mark II it is expected that Mark IV will have a wide lens that will be longer and faster than any of its predecessors. It will also have closer macro shooting (improving on the focus), built-in WiFi, remote shooting and excellent build quality.

The issues in Mark II and III included localized flare issue, slow burst mode when shooting RAW files, poor battery life, and average video quality. All these flaws are said to have been removed.

Recently released Nikon d810, seems to be its close competitor and Mark IV may feature similar specifications:

  • 36.3MP Full-frame CMOS sensor (no AA filter)
  • New ‘RAW Size S’ 9MP Raw mode
  • OLED viewfinder information display
  • Electronic first-curtain shutter and redesigned mirror mechanism
  • ISO 64-12,800 (expands to ISO 32-51,200)
  • Expeed 4 engine
  • Max 5fps shooting in FX mode
  • 91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor
  • 3.2in 1,229k-dot RGBW LCD screen
  • Zebra stripes for exposure checking in video mode
  • New ‘Flat’ Picture Control mode
  • Improved Scene Recognition System
  • Split screen zoom’ display in live view
  • 51-point AF system with new ‘Group Area AF’ mode (inherited from D4S)
  • Auto ISO available in manual exposure movie mode

Source: http://www.canonrumors.com/canon-eos-5d-mark-iv-being-tested-by-photographers/ 



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