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Can WhatsApp video calling feature take on Skype?

WhatsApp has introduced video calling feature after beta testing it for several days. The mobile messaging platform has introduced encrypted video calling facility to over one billion of its users worldwide. This will help them to conduct face-to-face calls irrespective of locations.

Skype introduced the video calling feature well ahead of WhatsApp. You will be able to perform secure video calls in a smooth user interface. Moreover, Skype is said to offer enhanced user experience when it comes to usability.

You should note that if you are using data packages, the video calling over WhatsApp and Skype are expensive. This is because of the fact that amount of data consumed by these apps during video calling is huge.

Video calling lacks quality when over mobile data

It is to be noted that quality of videos will not be great. Sometimes, it will work perfectly without any glitches. In the current scenario, the person on the other side had reported that he was able to view blurred videos. Hence, to work with video calling perfectly, you should make use of the fast broadband connectivity over Wi-Fi.

You can make use of mobile data for low duration video call and in situations where Wi-Fi is not available. If you press the video call button, it activates the selfie camera and the call will be performed either via Wi-Fi or mobile data depending upon the availability. The interface is similar to that of the Duo with options to migrate to the rear camera. It also provides the ability to mute audio.


Even though video calling is already present in Skype, people are used to WhatsApp. This is because the Facebook-owned mobile messaging tool provides an ability to create groups including chats. There is no need to create Microsoft account to work with WhatsApp. You only require a smartphone with mobile connectivity. Both WhatsApp and Skype continue to exist and it’s up to the users to decide which one they prefer.