It’s rather hard to find inexpensive budget earphones that can belt out some good, clean sound. Or so I thought, only when I came across the new Evidson Audiowear R5 in-earphones. Currently available at Rs. 899 on Amazon, this one makes a strong case for one of the best bang-for-the-buck in-ears out there. Hence, without much adieu, let’s find out whether these buds are worth the buck?

Design: Evidson Audiowear R5 Budget Earphones

These earphones look great, especially for the price! It’s packaged nicely and comes with three additional silicone ear tips in different sizes. The earphone itself uses high-quality metal for the tube casings which lends it a stylish look and feel.

budget earphones

The black and gold color combination of these budget earphones looks subtle, yet classy. They fit nicely in the ear, and you can wear them for long without any discomfort. The wire is also flat which means its tangle-free, while the 3-button layout has a smooth-textured feel to it.

The In-line remote control can be used for controlling your music or for hands-free calling. The remote gets a Play/Pause button, along with Volume Up & Volume Down buttons. The Play/Pause button can also be used for changing tracks.

Overall, the budget earphones Audiowear R5 is a great set of in-ears when it comes to design. It looks stylish and fits comfortably in the ear.

budget earphones

Performance and Sound Quality

Sound quality is just stellar, to say the least. I listened to a few techno tracks from the label Anjunadeep, and these in-ears are truly capable of reproducing some rich, clean sound. Bass levels are powerful, but not overwhelming. Volume levels are loud, and I found the overall sound signature more distinct and cleaner than other similarly priced other budget earphones.

budget earphones

The R5 certainly packs some intense bass and top-notch clarity for the price. I must say I had little expectation for them initially, but after giving it a shot, the Audiowear R5 immediately sounded impressive. The music sounds as it should without many distortions. Besides, you can even use these to make phone calls which are free from any distortion or echo.

The only downside is that the cord seems thin a bit too delicate for rough usage. But for the price, I suppose one cannot expect a high-end audiophile grade wire.

budget earphones

Wrap Up

For the price, you simply cannot ask for anything more. First and foremost, these fit so comfortably. They come with three different ear tips so that you can find the most comfortable fit for your ear. Secondly, they these things sound good, and by that, I mean excellent!. They give the music a cohesive, natural sound that is bound to impress your aural senses. I’ll probably buy two of these purely because they’re an absolute bang for your buck. I doubt you will find a better budget earphones for the price. Just buy them!