Brilliant Labs Unveils Frame: AI-Powered Glasses Promise Everyday Superpowers

frame ai glasses

The wearables market is heating up, and this time, it’s not just about fitness trackers or smartwatches. Former Apple program lead Bobak Tavangar’s startup, Brilliant Labs, has unveiled “Frame,” a pair of AI-powered glasses promising to enhance daily life with intelligent assistance.

Key Highlights:

  • Former Apple exec’s startup, Brilliant Labs, introduces “Frame,” AI-powered glasses.
  • “Noa,” a multimodal generative AI assistant, is the core feature.
  • Frame integrates with Perplexity AI search engine for information retrieval.
  • Glasses available for pre-order at $349, shipping starts April 2024.

frame ai glasses

A Glimpse into the Future with AI Assistant “Noa”

Frame’s star feature is “Noa,” a multimodal generative AI assistant accessible through voice commands. Unlike simple voice assistants, Noa boasts the ability to understand complex questions, generate different creative text formats, and translate languages in real-time. Imagine asking for directions while walking, getting instant translations during conversations, or composing emails hands-free – all through voice commands to your glasses.

Beyond Voice: Information at a Glance

But Frame isn’t just about voice interaction. It seamlessly integrates with the Perplexity AI search engine, allowing users to access information directly through their glasses. Imagine seeing key details about a landmark you’re passing by or getting real-time updates on your commute without pulling out your phone. This integration opens up possibilities for hands-free learning, research, and information access on the go.

Design and Availability

While Frame boasts impressive tech features, its design prioritizes comfort and everyday use. The lightweight glasses (40 grams) are designed to fit various face shapes and come with the option for prescription lenses. This focus on practicality could be key in attracting users who might be hesitant about wearing bulky or obtrusive smart glasses.

Technical Details of Frame:

  • Hardware: Beyond weight, details like display resolution, field of view, and processing capabilities would be helpful for a more technical audience.
  • Software: Understanding how Noa’s AI works, supported languages, and potential limitations would provide deeper insights.
  • Customization: Does Frame offer any app integrations or developer tools for custom experiences?

Pre-Order Now, Ship Later

Frame is available for pre-order on Brilliant Labs’ website for $349, with shipments starting in April 2024. This relatively affordable price point, compared to other AR glasses on the market, could make Frame an attractive option for early adopters looking to explore the potential of AI-powered wearables.

The Road Ahead for AI-Powered Glasses

Frame is just the latest entry in the burgeoning market for AI-powered glasses. While companies like Google and Facebook are also developing similar products, Frame’s focus on an everyday AI assistant and seamless information access through Perplexity sets it apart. However, the success of Frame will depend on its ability to deliver on its promises of intelligent assistance and integrate seamlessly into users’ lives without sacrificing privacy or battery life.

Brilliant Labs’ Frame represents a significant step forward in AI-powered wearables. With its intelligent voice assistant “Noa,” integration with Perplexity AI, and comfortable design, Frame offers a glimpse into how AI can enhance our daily lives. As this technology evolves, Frame and its competitors will need to address user concerns about privacy, battery life, and long-term value proposition to truly become mainstream consumer products.

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