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Boult Audio Zigbuds Review – Certainly offers a lot of value!

Boult Audio has launched its latest true wireless earbuds called the Zigbuds. Currently priced at INR 1,499 on Amazon India, these earbuds are designed to offer an immersive sound experience along with long battery life. The company touts its latest true wireless stereo earphones offering can deliver up to 18 hours of playback on a single charge. I’ve been using the Boult Audio Zigbuds for over a week now. Therefore, let’s find out more about these earbuds in our review.

Design and Comfort

The overall design of these earbuds is classy and premium while being minimalist. There are two separate components – a pair of wireless earphones and a case that conveniently stores and charges the earbuds.

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Even the earbuds sport a smooth design and finish. Another standout design element is the curved LED light strips on both earbuds, which glows them and gives these earbuds a Cyberpunk look and feel.

Apart from looks, the Zigbuds also offers a comfortable fit. The earphones are designed ergonomically to sit flush within your ear, so you can wear them while walking or jogging with no hassles.

Overall, the Boult Zigbuds design is an intelligently designed product. It looks stylish and minimalist without compromising convenience and functionality.

Features and Performance

In terms of features, the latest true wireless offering from Boult Audio comes equipped with 10mm neodymium drivers. These earbuds offer a frequency response of 2402mhz-2480mhz and a connectivity range of 20 meters. Boult Audio Zigbuds are also IPX5 rated, which means they offer sweat and water resistance. They also come with a low latency mode for gaming, along with an inbuilt mic and touch controls that lets users easily control playback and calling. Apart from these features, Bolt Audio Zigbuds also offer voice assistant support for both Android and iOS devices.

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Elsewhere, they come with an auto-pairing feature that allows them to connect with your smartphone as soon as they are taken out of the charging case.

Pairing them with my smartphone was a breeze, as these earbuds automatically connect with your device within 5 seconds.

Talking about sound quality, I would say the Boult Audio Zigbuds pack a punch. They reproduce clear highs, solid mids, and deep bass that gets your heart pounding. The overall sound stage is well balanced, as the bass doesn’t tend to undermine other frequencies. Even at high volume, there’s no distortion.

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As for call quality, I faced no issues while using the Zigbuds during phone calls. Both the caller and receiver and could hear each other clearly with no hassles whatsoever.

Even the battery life is impressive. The Zigbuds churned out nearly 4 hours of music playback with an additional 18-hour playback from the case. The Truke Fits Pro Power comes equipped with a powerful, 2000 mAh battery case that gives these earbuds a total listening time of 100 hours. As for standby time, the company claims that its latest TWS earbuds can last up to 80 hours.

Are they worth buying?

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Currently priced at INR 1499, the Boult Audio Zigbuds certainly offers a lot of value. The design certainly stands out thanks to those LED lights. Besides, they come packed with high-end features such as IPX5 sweat and water resistance and a charging case. The battery life is great, pairing is easy, and the earplugs fit snug into the ear canal. Overall, I think the Zigbuds are super value and certainly worth buying. You also get them in three trendy colour variants – White-Grey, Black-Grey, and Red. My only gripe would be the lack of a USB C charging port.