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Boltt wearable fitness devices are now available for pre-order


Boltt Sports Technologies launched its AI ecosystem which includes wearable, mobile app and AI in India on June 20th, 2017. The preorder is now open on the official website www.boltt.com and consumers will soon be able to avail benefits of products ranging from stride sensor to the AI. The Boltt wearables will soon be available for purchase on leading e-commerce portals like Amazon.

Boltt AI ecosystem includes various devices like fitness bands and AI enabled sneakers and mobile app. The trackers are available in a number of amazing colors with replaceable straps. The straps detect physical activities throughout the day and powered by Boltt Audio AI coach.

The fitness tracker or smart bands help to make the fitness a habit rather than an option. The connected sneakers are embedded with sensors that track the biometric data. And these sneakers are also powered by Audio AI coach.

The Boltt Audio AI Coach lives in the app as a text or voice which comes to life when any fitness device is connected to the app. The AI enables coach is trained to provide real-time coaching and guides you like a trainer and motivates like a friend.

So if you are into fitness and really need someone to coach you, then Boltt wearable ecosystem could be your one stop. Now you can pre-order them from the official website and wait for some time, you will be able to buy them from your favorite online shop, Amazon.