The M series cars of BMW are one of the best production cars on the market that come with a perfect blend of power, performance, and maneuverability. Adding to this successful portfolio of M series sports sedans, BMW has recently launched its updated version of the immensely successful M5 model. The BMW M5s have always been a trendsetter in their respective generations starting from the E28 5 Series. And the 2018 BMW M5, the sixth generation of M5, has all the great things in it to carry on its rich legacy.

Whats new in the new M5?

The latest F90 model is the fastest and costliest BMW M5 ever. This gorgeous looking beast can cost you a whopping $100,000 and can reach 0-62mph in just 3.4 seconds. With its new F90 model BMW has managed to address all of the weak points and flaws of its predecessor, F10 model. The car looks great and feels great and is ready to hit the roads as well as sports track. The M division or motorsports division of BMW makes cars that have the carrying capacity of a sedan and at the same times looks like a sports car. The M5 is such a car that it will give a sheer driving pleasure on roads and at the same time prove to be a ruthless engine on the tracks. That is why it is called a sports sedan.


The new BMW M5’s most welcoming feature is the addition of the all-wheel-drive technique. What this does it increases the acceleration of the car to a great extent and makes the car a real beast on tracks. Also, on the road, the all-wheel system gives a sheer driving pleasure with added safety and peace of mind.

Although from outside, the BMW M5 looks smart and sophisticated, the defining thing lies beneath it. The new M5 has an amazingly well-controlled power and agility. It might not look muscular in its appearance but, beneath it lies the real menace. It looks executive and sporty at the same time, and according to BMW, its new M5 is the best of both worlds as a high-performance sports car and business vehicle.


Coming to the powertrains, BMW M5 is powered by a new, powerful 600 horse-power twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine that comes mated to a new eight-speed ‘M Steptronic’ automatic gearbox with manual override. This increased horsepower makes the engine cruise to 62 mph from a standstill in just 3.4 seconds. The previous F10 model was able to reach 0-62 mph in 4.4 seconds. BMW calls the 2018 M5 as the fastest M5 yet with a level of performance that surpasses all previous incarnations. But one thing that BMW fans will miss in the new M5 is the absence of DCT (Dual Clutch Technology which is now replaced with a new cheaper and fuel efficient ZF 8-speed transmission. The BMW engineers have promised the new transmission will be as smooth as the previous one, and the reverse gear engagement will also be butter-smooth.

Interiors and Dashboard

The BMW M5 will come with Driving Stability Technology(DST) for amateur riders, and if the experienced owners want a sheer driving experience, they can turn off the DST. The BMW M5 comes with three driving modes- Comfort, Sport and SportPlus and two red-lacquered buttons next to the gear-shift paddles on the steering wheel control the drive settings. It also has a central controller to manipulate all the settings according to your mood. The large digital display now comes with a speed warning alarm that warns the driver of the optimal time to switch gear when driving in manual mode The seats made up of fine-grain Merino leather are now multi-functional as standard with heaters, electric controls, and memory settings to suit all shapes and sizes of the driver.

The all-new new BMW M5 comes with all the features that an M5 sedan is known for. It has not only become powerful to be in line with its competitors, but it has now become more premium, sportier, safer and refined than its predecessors. The new sports sedan from BMW is all set to hit the rods by the end of February.