Bluesky Reopen Registration to All, Including Heads of State Bluesky Reopen Registration to All, Including Heads of State

Bluesky Reopens Registrations to All, Including Heads of State

Bluesky lifts its signup ban on heads of state, expanding user access amid growing competition in the social media landscape.

Bluesky, the social media platform initiated by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, has made headlines by lifting its earlier ban on heads of state signups, now allowing anyone to join. This move comes after a significant influx of new users following its transition from an invite-only model.

Initially, Bluesky had limited its platform to an invite-only status, aiming to gradually scale and develop its features, including robust content moderation systems. With about 3 million users during its closed phase, the platform saw a substantial rise in interest, pushing registrations up to over 4.1 million. The strategic opening aims to bolster user growth while managing the platform’s expansion prudently.

Interestingly, despite the platform’s popularity among high-profile figures such as U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and CNN anchor Jake Tapper, it had temporarily excluded heads of state from joining during its beta phase. This policy was part of its efforts to ensure a controlled growth and fine-tuning of operational capabilities.

As Bluesky opened to the general public, the number of users surged significantly, reflecting a strong interest despite stiff competition from other social media giants like Meta’s Threads. Initially, the platform garnered attention for its unique approach to social media, emphasizing a decentralized and open-source framework that allows more user control over data and interactions.

The policy to exclude heads of state was initially seen as a move to avoid the complexities and controversies often associated with high-profile users. However, as Bluesky’s user base expanded rapidly, reaching over 4 million signups, the company reassessed its position. The platform, which resembles Twitter but operates on a fundamentally different protocol, aims to redefine public discourse with a focus on transparency and user agency.

Bluesky’s decision to now welcome heads of state reflects its readiness to handle a broader and more diverse user base, strengthening its position as a serious contender in the social media space, particularly against other platforms like Meta’s Threads and Elon Musk’s X. By leveraging its decentralized nature and the underlying AT Protocol, Bluesky offers a unique framework that supports diverse social media experiences, potentially reshaping how online platforms operate.

Bluesky continues to work on enhancing its infrastructure to support these new changes, promising a more inclusive and expansive network for users worldwide.

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