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After declaring the Giant Squirrel as the state animal, Green Pigeon as the state bird and Mango as the state tree, now the Maharashtra Government has announced the Blue Mormon as the state butterfly.

The Maharashtra Government led by Phanavis took this decision at the State Wildlife Board meeting in Mumbai on Monday, June 22, 2015.

The State Forest Department Minister, Mr. Sudhir Mungantiwar explained the motive behind this and said, “No State in India has ever declared a State butterfly and the species has been one of the most neglected.”

This proposal was made by the Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board chairman Vilas Bardekar, who is an expert in butterflies.

According to Bardekar, the Blue Mormon is the biggest butterfly after southern birding butterfly.

This butterfly is usually found in Sri Lanka, South India, Vidarbha and in the Ghats of Maharashtra,

Bardekar added, “Like birds, nature lovers are also attracted to the butterflies and it is an important unit of biodiversity. It is a good indicator of healthy forests.”

Nitika Munshi
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