Blaupunkt Launches ANC Headphones BH51 Earbuds With Moksha Mode Active Noise Cancellation

Blaupunkt, an iconic German brand has launched an extremely comfortable, ergonomically designed wireless headphone that is super comfortable to wear for long hours! BH51 Moksha.

The enormous 40mm drivers are responsible for the incredible stereo performance. At any volume, BH51 Moksha produces improved sound quality. Even the finest highs come through with plenty of bass. has 32 hours* of entertainment and a fantastic battery that charges quickly and produces power effectively.

It is incredibly comfortable because of the high-grade, super-soft protein earpads that cushion each ear. It comes with the most recent Bluetooth version, 5.0, which is significantly more effective, consumes less power, connects more quickly, and extends your range. The cushioned headband increases comfort and gives them a highly upscale appearance. The BH51 is completely foldable and instantly compresses into a compact size, making transporting them around simple.

A dedicated active noise cancellation button on the BH51 ANC Moksha allows you to rapidly detach from the outer world and enter your own musical universe in order to find the maximum peace in the bustle of daily life. The German version of these headphones is now offered with dual connection and noise cancelling technology. The wireless headset has an exclusive AUX connector, so you may continue listening to music if you ever find yourself with a drained battery.

The BH51 has unquestionably created a new category of headphones. They have established new standards for performance, technology, and comfort. So there’s no need to search any further if you’re seeking for a pair of ANC headphones. Take up the German; you’ll enjoy it.

The BH51 Moksha Headphones is priced at Rs 2999 and is available in two color options – Black & Blue. The product is already available on Amazon and Blaupunkt’s own website.