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Blaupunkt BH01 Review: Solid all round performer, but uncomfortable to wear for long

Blaupunkt is a globally renowned brand for its car audio systems. Recently, the German brand launched a bunch of other devices in India such as earphones, portable speakers, and wireless headphones. In this review, we take Blaunpunkt’s new BH01 Bluetooth headphones for a spin. The USP of the headset is the Turbo Boost Mode which significantly enhances the bass. Priced at INR 1699, let’s see if it’s worth the price tag.

Design and Comfort

The Blaupunkt BH01 wireless headphone feature a lightweight, on-ear foldable design which makes them easy to carry around. The buttons are quite easy to operate and offer options for call, music, and volume. Besides, they offer padded ear cups and cushioned headband for comfort. That said, I felt need to take these headphones off after about 30 minutes of listening. The overall build quality is nice, however, the ear cups could have been larger as they felt too much pressure around my ears.

Specifications and Performance

In terms of specs, these headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0, 40mm Large Aperture Driver, and a 300mAh battery. The battery is rated to deliver 10 hours of playback time on a single charge. Besides, there’s a built-in mic and a 3.5mm headphone jack as well.

In terms of performance, the sound quality is pretty impressive for the price. The overall sound is crisp and balanced. Besides, they manage to maintain a distortion-free sound at max volume as well. These headphones also come with an Equalizer which lets you switch to Turbo Bass Mode. It works as advertised as you definitely feel the thump in this mode.

Bluetooth connectivity is fast and easy. There is a Dual Pairing feature onboard which allows you to connect with two devices at once without the need to disconnect Bluetooth from their primary device and for quick switching between audio sources. Even the built-in mic works like charm during voice calls. The battery life is decent enough for single use, you easily 7-8 hours depending upon the usage. However, the charging time is a little bit more than I expected.

Wrap Up

If you like music and are regularly on the move, the Blaupunkt BH01 wireless headphones would be a good buy. They’re lightweight, deliver good sound quality, and offer solid battery life. My only issue was they made my ears hurt. Not at first, but after a while, I felt pressure around my ears. I suppose designers at Blaupunkt opted for a tight fit so the ‘headphones are more likely to stay in place as you move around or dance, so maybe they’re primarily designed for users who are constantly on the move or dance a lot.