Tagg PowerBass 700 wireless headphones review

Tagg, the homegrown brand has made a name for itself in the audio game lately. We have reviewed a couple of their products and we now have a new product with us. The PowerBass 700 is their newest offering which is in continuation to their PowerBass lineup of headphones. The over-the-ear headphones come at a price tag of INR 2,700 and claim to provide rich audio along with a punchier bass.

Key Specifications

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 5mm audio jack
  • In-built mic
  • Music Play time- 10-14 Hours
  • 250 Hours Standby time
  • Micro USB charging

Tagg PowerBass 700 3

Box Contents

A complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • Tagg PowerBass 700 Bluetooth Headphones
  • 5mm cable
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User instruction manual


The PowerBass 700 has a clean design that resembles Sony’s WH series of headphones. The whole construction is plastic and the brand has used a generous amount of cushioning to improve the experience. The ear-cups have a swirl motion and they turn inwards, making them easier to put in a bag. There is no carry case or pouch bundled, which is to be expected at this price point.

Tagg PowerBass 700 4

The headphone has a bunch of controls that are placed on the right cup. On the right ear cup, you will find a power button, a 3.5mm for using the headphones in wired mode, a bass boost button and a joystick for adjusting volume/ tracks. The buttons are tactile but the volume controls are a bit flimsy and need some time getting used to.


The pairing process is easy and simple, long pressing the power button powers on them and they go straight into pairing mode. Sticking to their naming, the headphones are a little more bass heavy. The highs and mids are decent with the vocal a bit more defined. The good amount of bass in them makes them good for playing EDM and Bollywood tracks.

There is always a constant amount of bass available and if you are one of those people who needs a little extra, then that can be achieved just by clicking the bass boost button. Now, this bass boost works for a very limited genre and overusing this feature will take away the essence from more richer tracks. The overall soundstage is flat, so for people wanting a little more diverse soundstage, this is not the right choice.

Tagg PowerBass 700 2

In our tests we found out that sound leaks from them, so we would suggest you set the volume at 50%. Call quality via the in-built mic is decent at best. Coming to the battery life, in our test, the PowerBass 700s lasted for 12 hours which is on point to figure that the brand quotes. They take close to 3 hours for a full top up.


Tagg PowerBass 700 wireless headphones – INR 2,700


  • Good Call quality
  • Decent design
  • Amount of bass


  • Flimsy build
  • Flat soundstage

Verdict – Should you go for it?

Overall, the Tagg PowerBass 700 is a decent pair of wireless headphones. They have a clean design but at times the build feels flimsy. Adding of a 3.5mm audio jack is a welcome addition. We quite liked the battery backup that we got on these, making it ideal for prolonged listening sessions. As mentioned above, they are a bit bass heavy which might not be enjoyed by everyone, perhaps a more dynamic soundstage could have solved the issue.