Beyond the Bite: Apple 2024 Poised for a Wearables Bonanza

healthcare on your wrist apples 2024 watch series expected to come with bp sleep apnea detection features

For over a decade, the iPhone has reigned supreme as Apple’s crown jewel, driving innovation and generating substantial revenue. However, whispers of a changing landscape have emerged, and 2024 promises to be the year Apple boldly steps beyond the bitten fruit.

Key Highlights:

  • iPhone still king, but wearables take center stage with Vision Pro AR/VR headset launch.
  • AirPods refresh promises two models, hearing aid functionality, and USB-C for Max.
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2 expected with advanced health and fitness features.
  • Revamped iPad lineup aims for clarity and differentiation.
  • iMessage on Android unlikely, but RCS integration potentially softens messaging wall.

healthcare on your wrist apples 2024 watch series expected to come with bp sleep apnea detection features

Analysts like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predict a pivotal shift in focus, with wearables taking center stage in Apple’s 2024 product roadmap. The long-awaited Vision Pro AR/VR headset is poised to be the company’s first major foray into this burgeoning arena. Envisioned as a game-changer for gaming, entertainment, and even productivity, the Vision Pro aims to establish Apple as a leader in the nascent metaverse race.

Meanwhile, the ubiquitous AirPods receive a much-needed refresh. Two distinct models are rumored: one prioritizing premium noise cancellation and Find My integration, the other targeting a lower price point. Additionally, AirPods Max might finally make the switch to USB-C, a move likely to be met with cheers from users fed up with Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector.

The Apple Watch Ultra isn’t forgotten either. A successor, dubbed the Ultra 2, is anticipated to boast even more advanced health and fitness tracking features, further solidifying its position as a premium fitness companion.

Elsewhere, the iPad lineup undergoes a potential streamlining. Gurman suggests Apple is working to simplify the confusing array of models, possibly aiming for a clearer distinction between professional-grade and casual tablets. This revamp could breathe new life into the iPad segment, which has lagged behind smartphones and wearables in recent years.

While the iPhone maintains its position as a core revenue driver,’s messaging strategy also hints at a potential softening of its walled garden approach. Although iMessage’s arrival on Android seems improbable, Apple’s decision to support the richer chat standard RCS might signal a willingness to bridge the communication gap between platforms.

Apple’s 2024 appears brimming with exciting possibilities. From the groundbreaking Vision Pro headset to the reinvigorated wearables and iPads, the year promises to be a testament to the company’s ability to evolve and adapt. While the iPhone remains a crucial piece of the puzzle, it’s the bold exploration of new frontiers that truly underscores Apple’s continued quest for innovation and market dominance.


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