Best Stock Android ROM Smartphones to buy

We are living in such an age where the utility of phones has increased from just calling and texting to a lot more. Yes, these types of phones that go beyond the basic have been widely known as smartphones. But while there are ample numbers of smartphones that are getting introduced in the market every day, Android smartphones coming with the stock Android ROM are gaining popularity. A pure build version of Android can function well on a phone operating system and even work on a basic hardware. Though this is not as great as compared to other interfaces that boast of their heavy features, this is fluid by nature and easy to operate. This is a good reason for you to invest in buying smart phones that come with stock Android experience providing flawless benefits. To help you out in your search, here are five best models coming with stock Android ROM that you can consider buying next time:

Lenovo K8 Note

The Lenovo K8 Note was introduced in the market for the entertainment lovers. The look and feel of the metal body are quite sturdy and attractive. The smart phone is packed with unique features like amazing camera quality and high-tech performance. Due to the tough market competition, Lenovo made a good move in improving their stock Android user-experience experience. While its interface used to be Vibe Pure UI, the Lenovo K8 Note has taken the step ahead in becoming one of the best smart phones offering finest stock Android experience to the users. It provides the users with two types of varieties, a 3GB RAM of 32GB storage and the other being 4GB RAM of 64GB storage. This phone available for purchase via the Flipkart coupons increases the overall Android experience by running several apps at one go.

K8 Note

Moto G5 Plus

The latest addition to the Moto G family was the Moto G5 Plus that was launched globally at the MWC 2017 trade show. This premium smart phone boasts of its super impressive features at a reasonable price and makes an excellent option for the buyers looking for stock Android ROM. This is a stock Android phone with the Android 7.0 Nougat. Due to this appealing interface, the display of the Moto G5 Plus has been improvised and made better. It has the excellence to show notification previews even when the phone is locked. With several stiff competitors prevailing the tech market, Moto G5 Plus can be one of the key attractions for the users as it has stock Android Nougat feature that offers split-screen multitasking. In fact, this is a vital reason why stock Android users prefer this model a lot compared to other counterparts.

LG Nexus 5X

The Nexus series of smartphones were considered to the best in the market with Google’s best of Android features. But Google came up with a model known as the Nexus 5X sometime ago and the LG Nexus 5X is a smart phone from LG that perfectly personifies all the features of Nexus 5X. It has a fine plastic body with a big screen for a great feel and looks. It also got the Android fingerprint recognition that has become one of the ideal features that people look for in smartphones now.

LG Nexus 5X 12

This phone that can be bought by redeeming the mobile coupons is a perfect balance of style and power. With this device, you can experience the actual and pure Android experience of Google. You can do a whole lot with the operating system as it prevents any lagging or slowing down. The stock Android feature allows enough power to drive in high-end games and apps too.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel is an outstanding flagship smart phone with an incredible assistant and smooth performance. With the introduction of this Pixel phone by Google this year, the Nexus phone was dead. Google proudly takes full credit for this feature and its innovation to introduce a user-friendly smart phone packed with top-class specifications in the market. The Google Pixel has got its Pixel launcher along with Google voice assistant which makes this the best possible Android version launched by Google.

The stock Android ROM of this phone can help you play games, swipe between several apps at the same time and much more. The assertive assistant of this smart phone is going to become your soul mate as it will help you at every step by providing smarter solutions even on the go. In short, you can have your personal Google in your pocket with the new Google Pixel.

Huawei Nexus 6P

The Huawei Nexus 6P has been the latest addition to the newest version of Android smartphones. Designed to perfection, this smart phone is an all-metal powerhouse that is surely going to live up to the buyers’ expectation regarding quality and performance. The Android Marshmallow 6.0 allows vertically scrolling list for apps and instant ‘now on tap’ feature. This helps you get desired results for what you are searching by pressing the home button. The phone has also got the Ok Google voice recognition feature along with other benefits of the stock android ROM.

Google Huawei Nexus 6P

The Doze mode is a new feature launched by this smart phone which helps in power consumption while the apps aren’t functioning. The performance of the interface helps in simple swiping, loading of pages and smooth running of apps at the same time.Stock Android ROMs are present in default version in every Android phone. This interface helps in keeping the warranty of the smartphones intact, unlike the custom ROMs. They have premium apps built-in the smartphones and provide impeccable features to go crazy for. With these above-mentioned smart

Stock Android ROMs are present in default version on every Android phone. This interface helps in keeping the warranty of the smartphones intact, unlike the custom ROMs. They have premium apps built-in the smartphones and provide impeccable features to go crazy for. With these smartphones mentioned above, you can rest assured about the security as these have trusted inbuilt security Android operating system. The ROM of a phone determines the efficiency and versatility of the device and these phones having beneficial stock Android ROM make great options for people who are interested in stock Android.

So, which smart phone are you interested in? Seems like a tough decision? Choose wisely!