Best fitness bands under Rs. 2000 to buy this Diwali

There is no need to buy expensive fitness bands to get fit but sometimes we need appreciation, and these piece of tech will help you to do so. Here are some fitness bands which you can buy under Rs. 2,000 and lose some weight, not money.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (Rs. 1,999)

The second version of Mi Band from Xiaomi now comes features an OLED display to display the results right there on the band, no need to pull out your phone from your pocket every time you need to check the results. The watch is IP67 waterproof, so even rains can’t stop you from going out for your exercise.

Every Mi Band 2 comes with a unique ID which unlocks Mi Band 2 as soon as you unlocks you smartphone. Mi Fit app is available on Android and iOS both to sync your fitness data to your smartphone. The battery can give you a standby time of 20 days while running it in lite mode.


  • Plastic and aluminium case
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • IP 67 waterproof
  • 70 mAh battery
  • Heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and optical sensor

Intex Fitrist Health Band (Rs. 849)

Intex Fitrist Health band is the cheapest fitness band which you can buy which comes with a display. This band is compatible with Android 4.3 above devices and iOS 7.0 or above. Even with a 96 X 32 resolution OLED display, this band runs up to 12 days.

Intex Fitrist Health Band can notify you about calling and SMS. You can use your band as a remote for your smartphone camera shutter key and controls your music while on the move. The band is 59 gramme, is water resistant and sweat proof.


  • Compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS 7.0
  • 12 days battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Calling alert, SMS alert, remote shutter and MP3 control

YU YUFit (Rs. 999)

YU YUFIT band comes with a clear OLED display to display time, calories and distance covered by simply touching the screen. It tracks your daily activities including your sleep quality. Rain or shower, this bands keeps on doing its work without a worry.

You can get instant alerts about messages and calls directly on your YUFIT display. YUFIT app is available on iOS and Android to customise the working of the fitness band. To get access to a team of dieticians and fitness trainers, Healthify Me app is free to download from the App Store.


  • OLED display
  • Water resistant
  • Call and SMS alerts
  • HEALTHIFY ME and YUFIT official app

Xiaomi Mi Band (Rs. 899)

Xiaomi Mi Band is a simple looking fitness band with minimum distractions. It comes with three notification LED on it, rest all controls are in the app on your phone. The Xiaomi Mi Band notifies you about the calls using the vibration and the notification LEDs.

The band also works as a passcode on your Xiaomi phone, with this band on your wrist linked with your phone you just need to swipe to unlock your phone. Xiaomi Mi Band needs charging once in a month which is four times longer than the regular fitness bands.


  • Water resistant
  • Sleep cycle smart alarm
  • fitness monitor and sleep tracker
  • battery lasts 30 days

HealthSense PD 102 (Rs. 1,499)

Health Sense PD 102 is a fitness band / watch to track your workouts accurate and hassle free. It doesn’t matter if you are a sports person or just a person who needs to stay fit, you need to keep an eye on everything and HealthSense PD 102 helps you to do that.

It comes with a 3D technology that measures steps accurately and quietly. Can measure the number of calories burned while exercising, you can set two alarms for one day. It comes with an option to switch on/off the pedometer or switch between run/walk to measure the steps accurately.


  • Green EL backlight display
  • 10 meters water resistant
  • 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • Memory: 7 daily records


These were the best fitness bands which you can buy under Rs. 2,000. If you ever used any fitness band from this list then share your experience or tell us which fitness band you want to buy from this list.

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