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Best 5 Customer Support Management Apps for iOS and Android

top 5 customer service management apps for iOS and Android

In today’s time, customer satisfaction is one of the major criteria for the success of any business. Apart from offering high-quality products/services, it is also important to manage customer queries and concerns to gain their trust and keep them as loyal and returning customers.

In this age of iOS and Android, there are several applications that let you manage and complete customer support related tasks within the comforts of your Smartphone or tablet.

So, for those in search of the best customer support management apps for iOS and Android, today we are here with a list that will help you out.

Top 5 Best Customer Support Management Apps for iOS and Android

  1. Olark.
  2. LiveChat.
  3. LiveAgent.
  4. Hubspot.
  5. SnapEngage.

top 5 customer service management apps for iOS and Android

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Nowadays almost all of us prefer chat-based customer support over phone calls or emails.

Olark is a tool that can be of great help for businesses that have a small support team. With a base price starting at $15 per month per user (annual billing), Olark provides several features such as automated messages, pre-chat forms, transcripts, and support for an unlimited number of chats.

Apart from that, the service also provides several add-on features or “Powerups” that can be used by any number of users for a fixed per month charge.

Powerups include the ability to translate chat messages, remotely operate client screen, etc.

You can use your Olark account and its services by installing a third-party app called “Trillian” on your device. Download Trillian for iOS or Trillian for Android as per your preference.


As the name suggests, LiveChat is a tool that allows you to offer chat-based support to customers.

However, LiveChat is a very efficient tool than the rest of the competition.

For starters, its user interface is very clean with only properly labeled icons on the main screen so that only important information is accessible to you immediately.

To access any other non-important features or settings, you need to click on the “Settings” icon and get it sorted.

This app offers additional features such as the ability to transfer a chat to another support staff, view what a client is typing as they are typing it, peek into what visitors are viewing on your website and send proactive texts, supervise chat sessions handled by other staff, etc.

A dashboard providing information like real-time stats, ongoing chat sessions, tickets marked unassigned, agents currently working, etc., is also available.

The pricing of LiveChat begins at $16 per month per user.

Download LiveChat for iOS or LiveChat for Android.


Yet another application to manage live chat sessions between the support agent and clients.

However, LiveAgent aims at making the experience of solving customer queries more fun for the agents.

Supervisors can assign badges to support agents based on their daily achievements. There are 12 badges indicating different levels from Novice to King.

LiveAgent lets you track information such as chats/hour, missed chats, answers done each hour, etc.

Apart from that, this tool also helps in managing customer feedback, forums, and support articles to let customers resolve their issues quickly.

One standout feature of this tool is that it allows to integrate and manage your Facebook and Twitter profiles of your business.

LiveAgent prices start at $39 per user per month.

Download LiveAgent for iOS or LiveAgent for Android.


HubSpot is a popular marketing automation tool and is well-known for its customer relationship management features as well.

You can choose the free CRM service offered by the HubSpot client that includes ticketing, live chat, and chatbot as its main features.

As the free version itself consists of all necessary CRM tools, it makes HubSpot ideal for small-scale businesses.

The HubSpot CRM tool lets you provide 24×7 chatbot assistance to website visitors, create a chatflow for different types of website visitors, and more.

With prices starting at $50 per month per user, you get free CRM and unlimited user accounts and the ability to use all the sales, service, and marketing tools that come with HubSpot.

Download HubSpot for iOS or HubSpot for Android.


Lastly, SnapEngage is a tool that focuses on the medicare industry.

This tool allows companies to share patient data securely with concerned parties.

SnapEngage also abides by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), PHI (Personal Health Information), and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

Using SnapEngage, agents can collect sensitive details like credit card payments, SSN, etc., securely using a form from the client.

Any information shared by the client is only visible to the agent.

This tool lets you set proactive chat messages to be sent to users based on their website activity.

Admins get to view a “Capacity Report” showing if the support team is at maximum capacity, to identify when more support staffs are required.

Pricing of SnapEngage services starts from $16 per month and a minimum of 3 users are required.

SnapEngage easily integrates into the existing social media and networking apps you use on your device. To know more in detail, click here.

Final Words

We hope that you find our list of the best 5 customer support management apps informative.

If you use any other app for managing customer-related concerns, then let us know about them by leaving a comment.



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